Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Auntyish Comments

Every now and then, my facebook have always been stalked by my relatives and friends. For those who have successfully added as my friend, they are often people whom I know in real life, maybe some do not just because I added them of they are one of the those friends I met in online games. 

Yeah! I do play online games during my youth and I'm considering of continuing back my hobby because I find it very therapeutic. =D Undeniable, it is very time wasting and might seem to be a bit violent because it's just about killing. Haha! Nevermind!

Oh yeah, I'm having my finals now. I was so pressure. WAS! Cause all hardcore papers is over, left those which are quite OKAY to me. We'll see, we'll see. Maybe I would be crumbled when I look at those exam questions. Anyway, not to be stressful anymore with those uni core left! YAY!

See? Even mentioning bout those aunties annoys me. I keep dragging to other topics. Well, due to my pressure I keep on posting status on facebook like how I wanted to eat those food from my home town and what is my plan during my holiday. Then, I got that thing. Shot by aunty whom I rarely update myself to them and they are no one to me. *Roll eyes* #Kepoji! 

The 1st one, she wrote, my sister is busy studying in US and all I did is care about eat and eat and eat. Fine! I pay you my mercy cause you are not a good mother. Like Moomoo said, a mom will never compare their child as if for others to compare siblings. Every human being is different, if were to compare I feel YOU ARE UGLIER AND OLDER THAN ME. Wouldn't that be fair enough? Urgghh! 

You don't have a 21 daughter and I reckon you don't understand that. I don't call you when I need some cuddle, hugs and love virtually when I'm down; I don't ask you for money when I need some; I don't update my cgpa to you. You are no one to me. Like xiaxue always said, I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! Normally, I would just shoot back what I would like to say, but she is my sister's student's mom. Complicated huh? With considering my sister, I pay you my mercy. I just delete you comment. 

You are some look-like-40+ aunty, so I reckon you have the ability to think that you have severely provoked me with words as I have deleted your comment if you realized that. I respect that you are an elderly to me too, so I didn't comment back, I just ignore and delete you comment. Hope that you use you knee to think if you feel your brain is malfunctioning. Yuck, lecture me like I'm your daughter. I know you wanna be kind, but you better mind your own business. #Don't know head, don't know tail come my status dua gang & gao kong. LCLY.

Second aunty, tailing after a few comments after my friends adding behind the previous aunty. She's the senior for my previous workplace. She has bad relationship with the others, everyone. Not to deny, she have kind heart but her mouth is like Samurai's sword that hurts and cuts with every word she use to scold or speak when she is unhappy. She commented "Time to have true reflection, dear." This is almost the same case, she is 40+ and is single. Maybe a little bit too free? Since she uses "dear", I just delete her comment. She is a MBA holder, guess that is enough level for her to think about why her comment disappear suddenly.

Ask yourself, do you post about your work on facebook. No, right? Same to me. I never post status for every page I study. So don't ever comment on did I study or not. You are not my mom, even my mom do not doubt me on that. If you were by my side 24-11, okay, fine, go ahead. But you're not and I never reflects my real life on facebook. I know how dangerous it is as facebook owns the every right and everything posted by the users. Look into mirror before you want to comment or give advice. Eat so old still need me to teach? 

#I was on fire and I forgot to print screen what they wrote. -.-

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