Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Home coming

Home coming after my first year in uni for sem break! Before that, I was counting with my fingers on how many days to the day I really got home for every single day!! Now then, I'm finally home!

Hop down from plane and ran to mama. Then mama bought me this, baked bread. From a shop recommend by Moomoo's dad. 

Coincidently, Moomoo ate it too after boarding. Haha. Couple is always couple. Love~~

His father even brought two cups of sambal for my parents. #dances~ Moomoo always say I eat a lot of sambal. My quantity = His family. I finish mainly one and half cups of sambal in 2 months. He say freaking fast and always limit the portion I take. Little did he know, my mom finish 1 cup in few days more than a week. #omg_so_geng |O| Omg it is freaking hot like burning my tongue one. One thing proves, I am my mother's child. 

But then, till this post ends. I STILL DID NOT MANAGE TO EAT HOKKIEN MEE YET. #Down. You know why? Cause I'm too late. Too late, to apologize, too late..Too late till the Hokkien Mee at the shop I used to eat already finish and just left Curry Mee. 

Okay! Just take that. Anyhow, imma eat Hokkien Mee till I hate it before I roll back to the food hell, Sabah. Not a single food there gonna beat the food here, as whole. Eventually I typed "ass hole". shita. Imma vulgar person. So bad. 

Recall back my feelings at that moment when I knew I'm being offered an engineering course BUT the university is located in Sabah! Darn! Butterflies in my stomach, excitement and fear blended. Uni!!! I'm going Uni leh. Don't play play! Little did I know, I got a boyfriend some more! *love_just_blossoms~

Sabah, my impression: a very undeveloped state and very country with high poverty rate.I thought, I was going to stay in a tree house, my campus will be like trees along the road with the branches growing towards the ground with creep, my transport to my school will be riding a tiger, my internet connection by tree branches and etc. 

I'm terrified. 

Hearsay even worst, it's about people there are good at black arts. HUH?! OMG. But then besides the black art thing because I'm not very sure about it, all of the things I mentioned before are false. Well, this is so far what I can remember. 

Anyway, my uni is quite pretty but not to the extend like those people say, most beautiful University in ASEAN or what, idk, cause I don't care much about it. What I care is just to get the degree I want and roll back to the place where I belong. I roll and roll and roll, then I'm back here, again! But for temporary only, 3 months. WTF. Anyway, I'm the earliest among my friends to be in holiday!! 

BTW, my uni got seaside attached to it. Named ODEC. Nice huh? But always got locked one. Also, my uni got one place like the bridge in Love You You movie one. But, no picture.  =D Because every time I went there was night time. I rarely have the courage to take picture at night. Creepy. Don't make me continue. >.<

Planned to write this post the night before I go back but eventually I think I have many many stuff to pack and so not much time left for me to sit down and really do a blog post. I did a little. But then i dragged, and dragged till today. What? Many things to pack and unpack after that leh. Because I never know on earth that shops in Sabah always give offerssss!!!  ._____.

One more pop up, Sabah's sun rises and sets very early. Make me frightened when the first day I went for the orientation. 7pm already broad day light. My clock is spoilt or I overslept? Super super not used to it. But now, I'm not used to Penang time again I mean sun. God.

Shoes & shirts. Cheapest can be RM15. Craze come back again but Penang wan never offer. #boooo_thumbsdown   I think maybe because in Sabah they have nowhere else to ship to if they can't sell their goods in high price. So might as well offer and get back the cost. Later ship here ship there still no people want to buy then they gg.com.

Now, let me show you some proofs. 

1. Eyeband, Cotton On-RM 15

2. T-shirt, Same shop, same price

3. Singlet Maxi, All same again.

4. Singlet, same same same.

5. I even got a black one, Right Click>Copy>Right Click>Paste.

6. Shoes,  Ctrl C + Ctrl P 

7. 10cm Formal Heels, Cotton On-RM30

Top View

Side View =D

 8. Fit and Flare Skirt, Cotton On-RM30

9. Round Neck Sweater, Cotton On-RM30

10. Jenny Floral Dress, Cotton On-RM30

11. Dress, Cotton On-RM30

12. 12cm Wedges, Cotton On-RM35

13. Singlet, Mango/MNG-RM25(My favourite of all cause I hardly could find a singlet that just fit my body size. =D)

14. Black Lacy Dress, ??-RM30 (50% discount shop wide on that very special day I bought. Keamatan Day. So regret did not buy the ribbon-headed belt from Korea. T.T)

15. Floral Earrings, Vincci-RM15 (RM49)

16. Short Denim, Brands Outlet-RM9 (Yeah! Denim with the price of single digit!)

17. Coloured Jeans, Brands Outlet-RM19

18. Tube Top, Elle Girl-RM24.75 (RM49.50 with 50% discount!)

I don't have typical interest on any brand. Just that, there's a short cut to where I used to  go and to have my meals. Which is pass thru the shop of Cotton On instead of taking a big round. Lazy people always use the shortest path and also to the very extreme hungry mode only I will drag my body go there and eat. With bringing sambal go down there. Haha. If not, I will cook myself. Quite cheap and also healthy with many choices I can make. I mean if I cook myself.

So, enough of pictures. I did not take much. Camera resolution too high load very slow. Shita. Always complain. Slow, complain. Fast, also complain. I have no idea how Moomoo can tolerate a person like me. Anyway, he is the best~ XD

Gonna learn Rochelle, the friendly girl senior I met during Labuan trip which is awesomely friendly and embrace every single thing she have. She must be a Zen-kind that speaks vulgar word. LOL. Miss her anyway and she is packing at this time to leave Labuan as this is her final year. Many to pack. Not only stuffs, but emotions too. Why I get so sentimental? I'm not the one who's graduating. Now, I mean. 

PS: If my mom sees this post, she's gonna kill me. Buy so many pretty stuff no study good good. TT 

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