Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tutorial:Pretty Nails

BTW, with all those pressure and final slashing on me, I found my way back to treat myself. Get my self a little bit prettier because normally I don't get the chance to get my nails done as I have labs. Of which I scared I don't know if I'm hurt during my workshop with my nail polished with colours. Anyway, A girl is happy when she feels she is pretty. 

Normally, I don't paint my nails with those base coat cause I hate the whole waiting process of which I can't do anything and just sit there, very boring. Haha! So, I painted my nails with the base coat of TonyMoly's ball blue nail polish first, then 3 of my fingers with The Face Shop glitter with star shape thingy, then 1 finger with Etude house red colour transparent nail polish to light up the thing, make it simple but not dull. Th'ng!

And yes, I'm a big korean culture and whatever-related to Korea fans. All these brands are made in korea. Also, I'm the type of girl which my motions and actions are big so just short nails suits me well. Don't they look cute? Haha, I'm proud too just because I have long fingers after years of playing piano that suit short nails perfectly and cool! So, here's the outcome. Like it! 


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