Tuesday, 17 July 2012


So, the title means, two days spent with the BF. Hehe.

Some updates since the holiday startsss:

# I got a new temporary job.
# I went to first dinner with his family. woohoo!
# Met Woan Yi, the brilliant girl in my form 6 class AKA the smartest girl while I'm the dumbest girl in the class. Of course lah, my class have only 2 girls and she's always Number 1 one.
# I went to Hong Kong and ShenZhen,China for 5 days. That's why I procrastinated to update my blog cause I feel it should be the one right after I came back. But, doesn't. Haha. *Update soon. Maybe. LOL. loserbloggerforeverbecauselazy.jpg
# Went to Hong Kong Disneyland. =目
# Overnighted at his house. Hehe.
# BF went over to my place to overnight.
# Watched Spiderman 3.
# Been to queensbay.
# Been to pasar malam. The night market changed a lot. =(
# Paint my nail.

Omg. Starts to get lame. Imma stop for the hash updates. All well, ends wells. Wait, not yet really ending kok!

So yeah, he came over to my house to overnight for the first time.

Initially, we didn't plan so cause he was sick and it was already Sunday. T.T I was so down that I couldn't see him. Obviously and of which I always deny, I AM MADLY IN LOVE!!! At times, if rationally to judge on his appearance, I would honestly feel he is totally not handsome. <<My heart felt so wrong and scolded my brain when I typed that sentence!! >> But, you know...Love is blind~ And I am in love with him so much.

When you love a person so much, everything he does cherish you and look so cute, but sometimes not lah. Even when he fart, it's like he's just a cute baby farting and when he smile it's like a baby smiled then everybody was going to clap for that. But of course, I'm always the one that is so happy to see him smile. OMFG.

He is my baby. But actually, I'm the baby in our relationship. He teaches me a lot and I grew a lot this way long with him. I've said break up twice so he is my first, second and third love #shitlame with the hope he will be the last one too. 

Maybe people might look him as not smart or like to tease girls or etc.etc.etc, but for me, I've seen his real faces. I see the real him, his emotions and many more that awaits me to unleash the inner handsomeness of him. He is as though the guardian angel of me that leads me along the journey of life ever since I'm his gf. I'm very bad in socialising because I don't always say the appropriate thing or to say in hurtful way, talk without using the brain. I admit. So, he's the one who always drag me to a corner and lecture me in the way that with love and like talking to a baby having a bomb. Gently and carefully not stepping my boiling point. I'm bad tempered too. Oh no, please don't make me continue. My low self esteem is coming back to find me again and imma emo a few days.

So, what I did on that Sunday is, I took a leave urgently! I can't believe I'm so romantic ah! It's because it's a holiday on Saturday and his has an off as public holiday. So nice one his company. Not to say mine one bad la. Aiksss. Then he came over to my place around 5 then stay at my house, to play game.

AND, I'M A GOOD GIRLFRIEND!!! Because I play the game he play to accompany him!! He transferred me the game, MapleStory which is a drug to me since form 4. Everyday, the dosage grew and turn horrible that I was still playing back in year 2011 then I manage to stop it after I enter U. Then that dude go and inject the drug back to me, and later this post ends imma start the battle again which is the 3rd night I'm playing. The first night, I've shot to Level 40 for just 9 hours plus of playing. Yeah, im a gamer. Haha!!

Spot the best GF or not? Hoho!!

Somemore, my character name is similar with his, just girl version. I keep lose my way in maple as I did in real life and always don't know what to do. wtf. So, I keep asking him and when I ask him, he would say, why now you only ask me??!!! Then asking the way he would go like.....

Yo, buddy! I no play very long le ok?!!?! I just lose the concept. Somemore I first night up level faster than him and later I pick up the skill sure win him one. We played the whole night till midnight 3 plus. Then next day woke up on 11am triggering the alarm and woke him too. Supposed we plan to wake up on 10 smtg, but....Haha.

So we went out for lunch and Spiderman 3. Imma tell you, we had lunch in Subway and THAT IS MY FIRST FREAKING TIME TO EAT SUBWAY. I've been to Texas that downtown almost every street has a Subway. and....zzz....first still. Coz I hate trying things out. Subway, not bad.

Went to watch Spiderman 3, and the plot of dying family members that love him and encourages him makes me cry like don't know what. Once my pipe is opened, omg that's hard to close it already. So yesterday when it was starting to be about time for him to go home, I started to cry and cry and cry. Then just now when I was bathing I think of my sister and I cry. #wtfwhathappenedtome

-Found Panda yesterday night to tell her bout I keep crying, then she answered, it's the tears of happiness.

Right also! =D

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