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Bon Odori Penang 2012

Haha. I'm not a mainstream blogger. So, to say before hand, this post imma talk about things may not be sided to the Bon Odori. Like many of them, I like Japanese culture too, that's the reason I'm willing to spend my lovely weekend with the rest of the crowd in Explanade just now yesterday the day before yesterday. I procrastinated this post for 2 days.

For Bon Odori's sake, cause I've never been one. Not even the one in my university last year cause I was having my bloody class replacement on that particular time frame. Then, I missed the whole event. #WHAT_A_BEAUTIFUL_COINCIDENCE!!

Reasons I don't like crowded places:

  • Car jams!
    As expected. Somemore no parking but fortunately I have a BF that does all the driving and parking job. I sucks at driving and locating myself. I lost myself out of nowhere often. 
  • So freaking crowded.
  •  Not lame okay? Crowded means you might lost your stuff with some pickpockets or pushpockets greeting you. Also, those sweaty flesh that I came across, stick their sweat on my skin and my pretty shirts. #omg_want_to_faint_so_gross.
  • Phone lines all stucked.
  • I actually overcome this situation the first time ever. I'm homebody. The very last time I went to a very crowded public event is the New Year celebration in Gurney when I was 6? I forgot. I can't even call my friend once. NOT EVEN ONCE! To be accurate, I can't reach my friend. My text message keep having sending failure as well. Sien. 
  • Late for curfew.
  •  I don't have one but I do have to ask for permission to go out every single time. I have very protecting parents that will wait for me to come back if I'm getting back on that day. Making sure I'm safe at home only they will go to bed. Once, I met with an accident and I didn't have my phone with me. Luckily, they drove around the neighbourhood and manage to find me I was bleeding a lot but still alive cause I bang my motorcycle on a bump and end up losing control of it then I hit on the floor. It was raining. I was very pathetic. My parents were my angel.
  • Have dirty and mobile public toilets.
  • No further explanation needed right? That's why I chose to stay at home, surfing the net or what.
  • Dangerous.
  • Description? Check your dictionary [Quoted from Doudou.]

Im not gonna write outfit of the day cause it is just skinny jeans+Universal Studio T+Sandals. Wehh! First time to wear that shirt leh. Cause everytime I wanted to wear, I felt so wasted and I'm gonna HANDWASH it! You see the price or not? In Singapore dollars. So touched when mom actually bought this for me. 

Not to forget bout the One piece shoe, bought one for Mr Hang also but he got give me back money actually I planned to wear it. But the very last minute I decided to change to my Japanese styled silk strip sandals cause I feel my outfit can't coordinate well somemore I look so lam nua. Last picture, I grew fat! #facepalm


Spot my hair of the day! Not putting it in large size coz dunwan you to spot my eyebags. T.T....

It's so cute and I got compliment so much from my mom, his mom, his sisters and yet my colleague said I look the Pucca when I do the bloated face to her with this hair. *sob sob

Like this wor?? 

You sure? Got meh? 

I still remember the name because I have a cute underwear with her face on the butt part there. Haha!

Getting serious, Im going to reveal some details that most of them won't be posting on if they were reporting and keep taking pictures at the stage there. Somehow, I heard our CM were there to give a 10 mins speech too. I didn't know that, till my friends told me so.

So, there are people dancing Japanese dance and even danced Rasa Sayang this song. According to my friends, Bon Odori is having the same old dance every year. 

Explanade with nice good night views. So crowded with people all around and there you go knowing why I wanted to buy a new camera. Maybe my skill sucks?

But the Bon Odori went so pasar-malam-like when I was visiting the stalls area. So, I was walking down from the very end which is near to the beach, to hunt for food. I was hoping to get some weird Japanese food. Then guess what I spot?

It's Hokkien Mee!!! So, I was like Whoa! Japan also got Hokkien Mee ar? Why Sabah no one? Try to look closer in another picture. There is also....

Char Koay Teow!! (If you can just spot the word "Teow".) Then I'm a bit dissapointed. ;C

Can you not say it is pasar-malamed Bon Odori? The food is not cheap at all yet still it is so crowded and the business went even better after the fireworks. I just don't know why. Hmmm. 

So, me and Hang rushed ourselves to settle our coupons bought. It is a total value of RM30. Then, due to the reason of we are good consumer and we spend wisely Got meh?, we manage to finish the amount exactly! The coupon is just some normal Canteen Day coupon you can get by printing words on blue colour with stamping on it but it is special with some hologram of some Japanese pattern on it. 

Settling with getting the food, we quickly get a good spot on the field and sit down....

To enjoy the food~

Spot my Japanese style sandals or not? Haha! Bought in Shenzhen's Windows of the World for only ¥30!

Zoom in. We had taufu. 

I actually googled it because I forgot the name. wtf

Bombing mushroom I guess? 
Direct translation from the Mandarin Name. =D

Very yummy. But pity my Hang Zai cause he's having ulcer. T.T sayang~

Photos from my iPod in windows large icons view! And obviously, the fireworks is worth the waiting. Honestly, I think it's even better than Hong Kong Disneyland one. Fireworks were captured in burst mode with my finger keep tapping on the little camera icon. LOL.

Spot our selfshots? or not? Hahaha. I'm using my ipod to snap it. Why got light? The answer is it's the combination of ...

Also, there are some shots by Mr Hang. =) All taken from his facebook without permission. Haha! I love his Love LOVE~

Spot the bokeh effect also!

Me, taking pictures.

On daddy's shoulder!

Fireworks! Aww.
We kissed. ^^

On stage. 

Off to bed. But...tonight he no say goodnight to me. Sobssss.....

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