Monday, 30 July 2012

Editing Photos Online Free

Don't know how to use Photoshop, how?
Don't have smart phone, how?

So, I was writing a post and till this post ends I haven't finish the post. Do you know what I mean? I also don't know. Haha. Just because I have to edit the pictures all in case there are any imperfections.

No, I was kidding. 

I'm not a perfectionist and I'm not a professional blogger so most of the time when I start a post, I never edit picture in advance. I just keep on writing then if I recall I have a photo to attach, on the spot only will do last minute editing. 

Well, I said I don't care much bout my photos sometimes because I very love face and acting I'm confident with my appearance but actually I do because deep down inside I know I'm not really pretty.  Like if everything in your room is so pretty with cottage feel and suddenly pop out your bed sheet is so caplang with some dirty green colour or some spiking weird neon yellow of course you would take your effort to make things better since you have came this far. Right? The same goes to my pictures or photos. =D

But then, every single time dealing with stupid bloody Photoshop is driving me crazy. Because im dumb user of it!

Just because I'm not a Photoshop pro and I have my own commitment in real life, yet I want to do blog posts which are pretty pretty with decent photos, maybe with the most suitable edition as well, so the editing process took up a lot of my time and very energy consuming. 

I've tried my effort to improve the skills. I've watched videos in Youtube teaching how to edit photos but that just last about 2 maybe? Ok, give it 3 days. Then, I can't anymore. Because I have to pause the video to jot down in notepad, pause > jotdown > play > pause > jotdown > play > pause > jotdown....the cycle repeats and till I sien. And I can only stand for 3 vids. Well, for 3 vids I have used up almost 3 days to tackle the techniques well. Wasted. Zzzz. 

I even read up wordy post to improve my understanding and I regretted it so much!! Also, also, I go and download photoshop actions and try to load it thinking of that will make things even better yet still can tell poeple I'm using  Photoshop but I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOAD THE ACTIONS!!! AND THAT IS GONNA BE MY LAST STRAW OF IT! 

Although I find some self satisfication in editing photos without using those dumb apps, but for now give me choose Photoshop or dumb apps (Please, not dumb ass!) , I choose the latter. 

Yes, I have an iPod. IPod have various apps that can be downloaded but don't forget you have to sync those photos into your iPod then edit them in the iPod then later transfer back to your PC. Whoa!! Don't you feel very troublesome?

So, I googled some key words and finally found something interesting. Like bill gates say, he will hire the lazy people because they will find the easiest way out or solution for a problem. 

Yes, means he should hire me. LOL.

I found some online editing photos apps that can even achieve the effects in Instagram!! Good news for those who don't have smart phones, lazy people and thrifty people who doesn't want to waste money on these kind of stuffs. 

Also, I don't like to download and install heavy programs to make my computer run like turtle and even log in to windows take up to minutes. You better kill me I tell you!!! choi! 

Besides, some are trial version. That's disaster cause when you start loving the apps then after trial period it always have pop ups that keep asking you to update to pro version then you feel like you're cheated. WTF.

So these sites make you available of touching up your photos online! EASILY!! So let's just pray that they are not turning them into a non-free one lahh. HAHAHAHA


Recommended, with clicks only you can even have bokeh effect leh. With some cool frames somemore! But the only disadvantage is the opacity of the effects can be adjust, maybe I don't know. Although Instagram can't too, but we can't compare a small electronic devices apps to a software online right? Btw, it's free and cute also, I don't expect more but I'm a satisfied user. 

2. Picnik in Google+

Many of you might already know if you are a Google+ user. The photos uploaded in blogger which is linked to google+ can be edited with a software attached to Google+ which is  Picnik. The customization and preferences that can be adjusted is consider very good for a online-done-apps. If you do have a Google+ account just go to this address:

Or you just scroll down from your home page of Google+ then you will spot this, I think.

3. Phixr

An apps online that might look a bit not that adorable maybe a bit cheap also but having some basic and essential settings enables the details of the photos to be customized. 

Some can adjust this and that!!! 

Oooh~ Starting with effects! I like!I mean after uploading pictures. 

6. Rollip

Again!!! My favourite!! Ahhh!!! I like it without the need of creating new layers, solid fill colors and those troublesome shits. =D Both thumbs up!!!!

Ok. No number 7 already. But, so few only arr??








There you go....The VERY LAST ONE.

. PicMonkey

Encore!! The best of all!! Check out the pictures then you know. Even the appearance so nice. #shallow.jpg =P

PicMonkey have this one, the basic edits.


So, I'll leave the rest of it to let you explore. 

Yeah, it's the end cause I sometimes feel that if you have choice then you also have more worries. So work out with the current sites you have and optimize your skill without wasting your time doing it manually. Get it done with those smart apps. COOL HUH?

One more thing, if you happens to be can't save your photos then imma tell you a secret. 

Just hit the Print Screen button on you keyboard loh!! 

HAHA. As easy as that! But if they have some annoying objects such as their badges or credits, then you have to be pandai-pandai lorh. Anyways, it's not recommended that to remove the credits. Cause somehow other people work so hard for the thing and give us free, give them a credit to support them, no harm jek~

Credits to my all time favourite, Google and some other pages. 1 2 3

Ending this post with my cute bf edited before I found these cool sites. Why is he so adorable???!!!

Love my hang hang~

Burbai all.

PS.: Y'all like to save things online instead of your own computer right? Cause saving online is permanent and if in case of emergency like your HDD kong, you still have your infos back up. That's the main reason I write these kind of post. HAHA. IM A GENIUS!

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