Thursday, 26 July 2012


*cough cough

*tap tap the mic

*testing one shoe shree (Because when I was in high school, those technician club dudes always do this pronunciation. I always reckon that maybe it's their dumb president ask them to pronounce like this to make better and more standard testing procedure. MAYBE~ Who know leh? Probably the teacher too. Oops. Nola. Jit Sin teacher not that dumb. 名师出高徒mer! wtf. #haolian.jpg)

By the way, it's the exciting part already. Very pekchek is it? Because I keep dragging on the exciting part. Haha!

So, the exciting part is......

Jang jang jang jang! *With Mozart's that showing things up song. Always play in movie one ah. Very famous one ah~

Finally, I've reopen my old blogs to everyone surfing the net! *Everyone throws sampah to poor me.T.T


Yor, why you guys like that one? At least give me some face larh. Pretty please? You know how hard I have to overcome my low self esteem because I thought my past were bad or maybe the things I posted is very negative. Now, I've finally learn to accept myself then you boo me. omg. imma go to a corner and take my handkerchief to wipe out my tear and im crying lonely there.... boohooo....T.T....with the eyeliner coming off 

Actually, I don't know where I get the bloody idea of getting my blogs back to public. It's just a decision made today, maybe in a few hours back. =D But it's just today, I've finally went back to my old blog which I always feel reluctant to open because I didn't set it to "can be viewed by the public" but just myself and XY (Just one of the blogs.) 

So, I happen to log in and I browsed through my past blog posts and I found myself so amazingly cute. wtf. #self_praising.jpg I mean my whole package is so cute. How I express my feelings, how I went emo, how I happy because I saw my crush (Please, last time I have no BF, and I never have anyone chase me before. So sad. Pathetic somemore. So dry. But of course now no more lahh!)

So, it's the time now. 

My first ever kiddy blog. Hehe! Started back in 2007 but I think I've started blogging much earlier just I've lost the address. WOAH! Own address also can lost. 0.o OK lah. Whatever. But these 2 blogs are my favourite blogs as well. Narcissism is necessary! Hahahahahaha!

First ever blog if not mistaken. Haha. With some screenshots.



omg. gross I know. I have enough sewage on me and stop throwing your rubbish already! Shit! OMG. egg york

So, yes, indeed. I dreamed to be a princess. Fortunately, all the while I am one and I am one now too. Even now, I am one more princess to another one person, the lovely BF. hehehehehe. =目. And I really have severe princess sickness aka bossy. LOL. 

So, here's the screenshot on my lovely blog. You may notice this blog have the similarity of the background with my current blog. Yes, I use the old one and just change the white to pink. Not that I've changed my favourite colour to pink, I'm just thinking of have a background not white since many people is using it as white already. Although pink also many, but checked pink, not many right? YOU MUST SAY NOT MANY WHEN I ASK U. wtf. 

There you go.... ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧  (give u heart heart heart somemore....LOL! But in actual fact just google la then you will get what you want. Google comes the best when doing assignment. wtf. Holiday, why I go and mention assignment?)

Very pretty right? This blog same as my current one. I edit every single bit of the little details from the CSS codes I googled online. From zero to hero. I consider. Haha. I'm really proud of myself too. *TING_shiny glow 

The same goes to this blog.

From this, 

to this!!

So now, everyone can view it! I'm so happy to share about that. Cause when you moved in another house, you embrace the old house that made you who the person you are today. Those memories are there when you visit the old place. The same goes to the past blogs. I think I should do too, to embrace my old blogs instead of letting them dying alone there. Anyhow, they are part of me, right? That's why I've finally decided to open my blog to everyone especially my cute BF but he isn't letting me see his. SHIT HIM! I SAID SHIT U, HANG!

For every blog, if you have visited it before reading this post till the end, you could have realized



I love my mommy, my daddy, my Mun Mun, my Hang zai, my aunties, my uncles, my cousins, cousin in laws, my cousin's children, my everything!

So, this is the story of pretty me, my pretty youth and my pretty blogs. Yeah~ 

(You want heart heart heart somemore? LOL!)

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