Monday, 23 July 2012

Farewell Maybe?

I'm working temporary with an international company, as you know. There's also a staff that's just have been working for 3 months submitted her resignation letter because she wants to pay full attention on her daughter who is taking UPSR this year. She's Ms. Lim, a very warm and friendly person.

In this company, most of them address the others as Mr. X or Ms. X. No names were called unless from the higher ranking senior calling the juniors. And there goes my lovely young colleague that taught me a lot of stuff that I never thought of learning from a friend. Hmmm. She's Kate. I call her that and I thought she look really cute in this photo. Credit to the legendary photographer, ME! #dunno_shy HAHA!

So, it's just a little farewell-maybe dinner at Seoul Garden, Auto City.

Auto City


Jalan Perusahaan

Highway Auto-City

North-South Juru Interchange 

13600, Perai
Tel: 604- 501 9339

Business Hours:  11.30am- 10.30pm

(HALAL Certified)

 Some shots taken by me with Kate's DSLR 1100D as I'm craving for one. No money so play other people one lorh. 

Do make sure you clicked on them to have better view on the photo itself.

While most of them were here for buka puasa!

Photos of the food!

They're enjoying the meals, then you spot me lah!

Regarding the food, most of them are like marinated meat. They taste very good from the start but end up too salty. I guess it's because they were immersed in the flavouring too long. I mean for those which are still in the public area, not on our tables! I didn't eat any vegetables at all cause I feel it's such a waste after all we spent RM42.20 for a meal like this, should make the meal worth it! For me lah.

One more, there goes me in formal attire. Hehe. I didn't camwhore lorh. So rare! LOL

Without and with blue color exclusion filter. That's why I like playing with Photoshop. Different feelings can be created so easily. =D

Those pictures I took quite nice right? So I deserve a semi DSLR at least right? That's why I'm so poor now cause I'm saving money for one. T.T

Gotta go to bed now. =D

P.S: Cold war with cousin ended! Yay! ^_^

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