Thursday, 19 July 2012


It's Rage time!

Ever since the troll thing came out and made a big hit online, I found that actually many people had the strange experience that I did that I thought it effing happen only on ME! wtf.

Like, thought I saw germs when I was looking at the sky, do most of the thinking thing in the bathroom, lazyness and pose to reach a far thing when I'm on bed, utilized my leg to do stuff that suppose to be done by the hand, fart and kept quiet, stupid little toe kicks furniture a lot......etc.......

Then today, which I am too free because I took 2 days off to recover from the sickness or maybe short term occupational hazard that to stay in the freezing cold air-conded  office for whole day long officer hour. Flu ever since I've started this job.

Also, there's a point that I want to take this two days to think and consider on the life I'm having now. And some decisions to make as well. Hmmmmph.

So, finally get to sit on my own desk because the last whole months and few times back in Penang I always get to utilised my sis's property since she's not around. YAY! Mun, I conquer your Territory and Property!! Use her personal belongings all. HAHAHA. Satisfied because she always nags me when I do so but now no more. Got good got bad. T.T

So now, Imma share with you my 1st rage with storyline.

For the BF and BFF who never reach the ticketing machine every single time with only winding down the machine! Actually even my dad too! LOL! God blessed because I have long limbs =P It happens not only once or twice but gazillions times already. HAHA. Everytime, Stacy would go like omg then she said, Im gonna do some siasuey stuff again.zzz. and sighs. Different thing for my boy, I mean his reaction, he would act like a kid trying to climb out of the window yet still not reaching the machine but the same, happens a few times already. Be it in Sabah or Penang. HAHA!


Not really very well drawn but they took me quite awhile. Credits to making it much more easier for me. I'm able to draw with brush, squares or circles with or without inner colour filling, color fill, load pictures from own computer, and most of all ALL THE RAGE FACES WERE ADDED WITH A SIMPLE CLICK! Wow. 

By the way, I found a hilarious channel that resemblance with Nigahiga but just more like Malaysianised. Salute that chio aunty and the DJ at the speaking on it's Narnia. Actually I did the similar to my friends when they asked me a silly question. Like, I'm in the mall shopping, some of them would like, Eh! You come to shopping also ar?? I went, No, I'm here for swimming. 

So, everybody's so guailan-means mischievous . HAHA!  Below is one of the funny vids in their channel! 

Chill! Live the boring life interesting!

P.S: I teared my lips because my current colleagues always joke around out of nowhere and I burst into laughters  suddenly with the dry lips in the air conded office. 

._____. pain ah...

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