Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Eat Ate Eaten-Part I

Three verbs with different tenses cause there will be things 
bout the 3 meals I had last Friday and Saturday.

Plus one for today.

Went to Straits Quay and had our meal. We round and round the place to find a restaurant that satisfies us in terms of ambience and also the food. Actually, I'm the one deciding. As always. Because I'm the princess. XD

At first, we passed by Tonino Lamborghini Caffe. Aroma of those Italian food blended with Spanish food just lured me so much but we decided to keep on moving to see if there is any better choice.

So, we stopped here, to take picture ONLY cause pig says the food is not as good as you expect to be.

Where we took picture only, Charlie Brown. =D

Then there goes where we really had our lunch. ^_^

Tonino Lamborghini Caffe, Straits Quay.

Friday lunch.

The pig. =)


omg. I'm so cute. I'm self obsessed. =D

Our pick, finally sat down and order our food!

As you can see, I have a tough time choosing what I wanna eat. The aroma in the restaurant is seducing me, my stomach urges me, my brain confuses me, I'm lost!

So, both of us picked the lunch set. No headache. All in one. Worth. Quite cheap. End up very full!

It is a lunch set that cost RM 20.90 and some service charge and government tax. It comes with a

  • Soup of the day
  • Drinks (Tea)
  • Main course
  • Desserts

His dark chocolate, additional charge of RM5 for the change of beverage to this one.

My coffee, additional charges of RM3.

Yeah. My skin condition is bad nowadays. TT
Spot me in panda mode. @@
Fish chop.

Garlic spaghetti with chicken slices.

Was searching for wifi. No wifi. Down.

End this sub part with a pretty lady with her

Outfit Of The Day!

There goes my second meal for the day!

Kenny Roger ROASTERS, basement of Gurney Plaza. (Take away macarons from Macaron Cafe, 6th floor, Gurney Plaza.)

Friday dinner.

The pig. =)

But before that, we went to the Macaron Cafe to buy macarons which originated from France I think. I keep bugging the BF the whole day to bring me there. ^_^

Had them in the Kenny Roger ROASTERS by the way cause we take away from Macaron Cafe from the 6th floor and head to the Basement for some real food. Some carbohydrate, proteins and fats! Thought that we could get back in time to have rainbow cake but we didn't manage to do it cause we are too full! TT

Here's the real food. To me. Hahaha!

Just plain water. OMG. Proven that he's so good in photography!


Black pepper chicken! Which taste better than mine, HNG!

Smoked barbecue chicken. not so good =(
Part II in a few days!

Cause I gotta exercise cause keep eat like a pig and chug whatever food in front me. Also, I have to go and dye my hair. Maybe. LOL. See first.


P.S: I think I'll be ashamed of myself after updating the second part. Cause my photography sucks and I spoilt the whole picture I think. TT. So sad. Sobssssss.

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