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Ghost Month


Stay quiet.

You heard it?

God that guards the world below.

Im gonna tell you my real life experience later on in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival of Chinese which starts from Friday, 17th of August fo this year. In short, we call it Ghost Month. *Look left and look right. Goose bumps.

Don't be scared!
It's just me, my hair, in the office, lunch time, too free. LOLs
But first, below is from what I understand as a 50:50 Taoist and Buddhist, Chinese since I was a little girl.

What is Hungry Ghost Festival? 
It is the festival that the god from hell (god that guards the world below the earth) opens the door of Hell. It is called Phor Tor or Yu Lan Sheng Hui (盂兰盛会,it is read as yú but not mèng. They are different Chinese character that look similar.) as well that means to release souls from suffering or transgression (超度in Chinese, web translated into English). To Chinese like me, we're educated to be more cautious during this month as it is a month that most the souls were release that sometimes are meant to be back for revenge or take lives to substitute them on facing what they are suffering. Travelling around and celebration should be avoided.

What do we do during this festival?
For Buddhist, we read mantra or some might even hire monk to read mantra to make the souls able to undergone transgression and soon reincarnate. As Taoist, we burn paper shoes, paper clothes, paper treasure, Hell Notes which is consider normal.

Paper treasure,
We call it Jin Yin Zhi 金银纸

Yuan Bao 元宝

Hell Notes (冥纸míng zhǐ),

I googled hell money and I got this. LOL!!!
Left Hell Money, Right Malaysian Ringgit.  Parody by Malaysian, LOL.
Haha, but I really think new notes quite nice with sharp colours leh
but I don't like those made of plastic that make it harder for us to count money. =.=

paper Mercedez Benz or whatever luxurious car YOU NAME IT & YOU GET IT ,

paper Louis Vuitton (You want monogram? Classic? Customized? You name it again!),

paper corset,

paper iPod,

paper iPhone 4s that comes with full accessories and INTERNATIONAL CHARGER somemore ,

paper iPad,

paper MacBook or MacBookPro,

paper dolls or maid,

paper DSLR (i'm not sure whether it comes with lens or not =D)

Not forgetting we do pray with burning joysticks. I think that's all that is so special. Maybe because Samsung S3 just released so I can't get it. All the pictures above except my head one, I don't own the rights. I just google and I've avoided those written clearly that they don't hope people taking their pictures. So, these can be posted. I think.

A picture stolen from a friend's facebook. Again. LOL.
Hungry Ghost Festival preparation in Bukit Mertajam Pek Gong Zeng
I googled and find this site. He blogged about this festival in Bukit Mertajam.

So, basically it's a month that we show our filial piety to our ancestors. We serve food which we will eat later, we burn the necessary to them in their way as a repay on what they have gave us. Most of us like my family, we will burn those paper stuff, serve food and tea at the roadside that eventually burnt too to those souls wondering all around.

It's scary when you do bad things and you go out during night time. It is not when you do good deeds and always have positive thinking.

So, it's time for my real life experience. 

Two days ago, me and the house mates were all sitting round a dining table talking bout ghost stories. Most of us are from Penang. So, we talked about why schools in Penang are places where previously the japanese shot the people and buried them there. Some other ghost stories as well.

I never thought it would happen to me but it did.

It happened last month end of May.

Of which during Panda pay me a visit in Sabah.

That day Panda drop by my house suddenly at night around 10pm due to her schedule. So I spontaneously, asked Hang to fetch us back to my old hostel, to see my hostel. It was rather a different feeling going back. Weird and some bad energy. Lol. I told myself not to worry so much. We even go to play around at the fun fair cause coincidently there is one there.

Us, at the fun fair. Happily.
So we played and gone back around 12 midnight. Still nothing happened though till the morning 2 days after.

Then, I realized the inner part where my right shoulder and and my right elbow located, there are three small bruises. I wondered what that cause the bruise. It is 3 small consecutive bruises that are in a row with some space in between. At first, I don't know what it is. It doesn't feel any pain as well.

I tried to find out what that causes the bruise. Guitar knocked me? I measured, it's not the size, totally out. How bout consecutive know exactly on those mark? No. I didn't do any housework or chores cause my final is around the corner and I don't have time for that.

I'm sick. Just coincidently. But why at this time. So, Hang came out an idea. How about we take his Hu Tau (a holy paper which the god gave us in order to protect us) and do it like how those people in the temple did? It's just a movement swinging the paper at the front and back of me.

FUCK. It's a hot weather. He swing, I feel cold and have goose bumps. When he didn't, I feel hot. He say maybe it's the fan or the normal science thing, which we fan paper on ourselves then we feel cold. So, we tried using mine instead. Now, slower so that not much wind created. It is the same feeling. I have the back of my neck feeling goose bumps that lead to the whole body. I was tying a pony tail.

We wondered. So we ask a his cousin that can see those souls in the world. Asked and the condition he mentioned all went BINGO! omg.

The answer is I'm being followed by a kid. You know what? A kid from another world.

So, we basically the bruises is the kid is holding me, grasping me. He taught I would be his future mom. This is because I went to the fun fair. I asked him at that time, where he is. Answer? He is on my bed playing, at the corner where my bed located. How he know that corner is my bed? I mean his cousin. Okay..

Do you know?
When developers in Malaysia were about to develop an deserted area, most of them they have to make it have more Yang Energy. You really understand bout Yin and Yang right? So, deserted area have Yin energy that make the souls like to be around. That's the purpose of having fun-fair and circus which attract the crowd to go there. When there is more Yang Energy, the project will went even smoother.

That day itself when we asked him, it was 5pm plus. We can't do what he told us to. It has pass the human time. That is why human were meant to be working during days and rest during night time. He said, no. Not at this time.

So, the next morning we followed his instruction. We take a pail, fill it full with water and sun bathed it at our balcony. This is to absorb the Yang Energy from the sun. Then water is used later during afternoon to mop the whole house. I have to admit, after mopping I feel the whole house really hot particularly that night. Not the same like so cool like before.

Then I went to the Datuk Gong, which is the God that guards the land and pray. Telling him to lead the kid nicely away as we are not prepared yet since we are not married also to have babies.

The day after, my bruises that last 2 days faded. And the 3rd day went off totally. And for that I have found the reason that I have the energy on the 2 nights to ask me to go to bed around 3.30pm. I told my friend, and he said he read from a Christian book and that is particularly the time where the little boys of the world will be active. No wonder. Cause I never had that feeling and I normally study until the next morning only go to bed.

So, the lesson of the day. Don't hang out too late at night. This is what old people taught us and it is true.

You might think I'm suspicious. Before, I deny. After this incident which happen ON ME. I believe, and do according to what those old Chinese people taught.

There's a proverb in Chinese which mean something like, you have no harm believing right?

It's fine to go out during night time. Just, be more careful. But, do you still want to do to fun-fair which is set up like that on a deserted ground?

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