Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hand Model

*Flip my hair.

I am a hand model.
It happened this morning.

I was busy key-inING those data entries as Hari Raya is around the corner. Everything is in havoc cause as I'm about to finish my 2-month contract with the company. Hence, my workload increases too. They boost quite a lot. fml. In fact, just a few days left towards Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Well, in fact I'm the most free person in the department. I don't have to do those tricky calculations. All my work about is piles of FILING FILING FILING and have to be meticulous on data entry only. Dates and description. fml. Sometimes too bored till my eyes are already closed yet my finger is still scrolling the mouse. But I consider myself very efficient, so that does compensate. =P

Okay. The day itself is the company's photoshooting/videoshooting day. Whole morning one hour stand under the hot sun, screaming our company's name and saying BOLEH with raising our left hand. Lol. I feel so stupid. The main thing is, you have so many people stupiding with you. Lol. I FEEL AWESOME!!

After that, back to work, key in key in till boredom starts to fill. Then! Ms Cheah, the graphic designer of the company, disapparate out of nowhere and ask everyone to show her our hands and palm. Of course, I'm one of them.

Lol. I was chosen. =P

First time, ask me to go to the lobby to let the producer or director  idk who he is, but in conclusion he's the one asking people to do job to see my pretty hands. wtf. He went to production site. Ms Chan, you go back do your work first la. = =

They then procrastinated till after lunch around 3 something. They called and asked me to go downstairs. I thought I was going to be a rock star already. fml. Just to reconfirm that my hand can be use, in other words checking my hand is it pretty enough to be on the screen and IT IS!

I 5.10 can run home, they 4.57 called, Ms Chan don't go back first har, we want to borrow your hand. (was narrated by the Loceng, the dude that keep disturbing girls/aunty verbally but in no intention and joking way) Ok lo. Texted dad, yet he came on time and he waited like 30mins plus. omg. Guilty actually. Really one. =( Cause somemore let him waited but he have to go home first cause the LG guy came to repair our TV. Phuck. Bought 2 months already, still same problem like the first day. Might be even worse.

I waited there at the lobby sharp on 5.10pm. They still adjusting the lighting.

BTW, thanks Ms Cheah and Ms Vivian Ong for the pictures. Thank them, only I have this glorious moment being remembered in photo-form.

Testing on lighting, angle and height of my hand should be.

Spot the boss at the back.

Obviously, this is a face will be given when you put flash light while they are adjusting lighting. LOL

Finally, 5.25 asked me to go into the screen. I WAS LIKE OMGGGG.

Starting now!

The crew teaching and telling me how should I present my hand. Lol PRESENT~

Yeah. My hair sucks. This is how my Outfit Of Everyday To WORK!

So, you know how many lights are on me? I mean my hand.

Obviously, I did it wrongly.

How should I scoop the rice?

How I should pour it down smoothly and BTW this is marked, meaning to say, this cut is usable.
Having a front and smooth pour. 

Listening to guidelines.


A nice take as well. But my hand is sweaty that it sticks all the rice to my palm.

He demonstrated to me again.

I scooped and the crew beside me just muttered "chor lorh". wtf You thought I didn't hear ah?
Cause I was like, chucked my hand into the rice and lift up then pour.
Not elegant at all. All because that director say want a faster movement from me.
Count the spotlights on me! Somemore got hidden one!

The whole day I was like smiling like a dumb to my palm, examining whether is it really that pretty. Then that badass Loceng said my hand even laku (better seller) than my face. wtf.

Inevitably, I came across some problems during the shoot because

  • I have sweaty hands and this have been bothering me since young 
  • I keep putting my hands too high making it out of the frame
  • I poured the rice wrongly (Yeah! Got technique somemore!)
  • My movement is not gracful
  • My movement is not fast enough

These are so far what I can remember. Also, the director is sipek (very) kind people, keep saying OK! Good one! Good take! Come again! 

Which obviously, he meant WTF! YOU SUCKS! WHY YOU SO NOOB? CAN YOU POUR BETTER? 


Then, you know you really have done a great job only when only sounds come out of his mouth instead of words like Hmmmmmmm! 

Then he thank me. Lol.

You must have been wondering what they asked me to do or the guidelines given. =) 

So, it seems easy but it takes time just simply to fulfil the criteria and overcome the problems stated above. You have to even pour it gently with a moderately fast speed and in front pour, no holes allowed at the centre part of the palm and thumbs should be curve a lil inward while sticking to the index finger and palm. 

Just like that, but it took me 30 mins plus. Consider fast or not one?

Why freaking me chosen?
Cause there is no one else's hands prettier than mine.

What's the use of the video?
Err. The promo video for my concert. Lol. Nola. It's the company's corporate video.

So, I was looking at this pair of pretty hands. Narcissism is necessary. =目

I forced mom to take for me. Lol.

P.S: ALL photos unedited! Not a thing! But if you count that I put my blog's name on the photo is PSing. Okay lo. =(

PPS: Credits to my parents that support me financially and morally in learning piano since I was 5! 

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