Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hang out

It's all about Hang!!!

Nola, I was just kidding. Anyway, it's my first time to pakthor (in a relationship just believe it!) so I kinda keep mentioning bout Hang all the time. Although we have been together for freaking 10 months plus, I still think that we're deeply in love as in we're still in the passion duration or people called it 热恋期 in chinese.

Well, I google translated that word and I still will facepalm myself cause google translate never turn out to be 100% accurate one because it turn out to be "Love of". What??!! Phrase tergantung man! It make no sense lo.

Okok~ Every time I blog also will link to him. Okay!!~~~ I will go and face the toilet bowl to reflect upon my madness of being over obsessed to him. Maybe over dependent on him also. LOL. Ok.

It's time for my post.

So, the story starts after my Ipoh trip cause my babe, Stacy is back in Penang during the trip. Lollll. After a month of waiting. So this week, I hang out hard!

Just this week itself, the quota hanging out equals to the quota I hang out with friends during June. In fact, last month I don't even hang out once. Wait, just once with Woan Yi.

#Wednesday, I went to First Avenue. 

Just because I accidentally didn't bring my laptop back from office that day, and if I were to ask dad to patah balik and take for sure he'll nag me for a thousand years, for a thousand years. Christina perri's song comes in~wtf.

So, I have to follow them because my company is just along the route heading Penang bridge. I get so much relief after getting back my lappie. Gosh! Heart attack I tell you. I can't even rest or what. Time wasted somemore. Time is not wasted when online.:X

When we reached there and I saw a bunch of people queuing. I thought the apple authorised selling store is having big sale, something like 10% discount for Apple product cause like for Samsung it does, which happens only on that day that brought the Chans to 1st Avenue. I even ask Hang as he's the island boy and I'm the mainland girl.

LOL. Then it end up to be coincidently, it's 8/8/2012 which Baskin Robbins is celebrating with the nation of our nation's hero returning with Olympic silver medal by giving everyone that visits the shop during 8pm to 10pm a scoop of ice cream.

I was going to queue but my mom stopped me cause you see the queue....

Baskin Robbins is at the rightmost while the queue extend, extend and extend...very further down.

Then we went back. Whoa!! Somemore spotted BR at Pulau Tikus there also queue out like don't know what.

Yeah, so heading right to the old house to see my aunt which just came back from London. WOOHOO! Not forgetting the babies, cause I bought a spec as a prop to take their photos!~

I present you, Elaine and Vincent!!!

The children of my cousin, Hin brother who sayang me a lot when I was a kid.
With angle of a beauty!

Front view+shocked!

Sniff sniff~ She smells so good larh.
Every baby does!

Adjusting the frame!

My hair's so messy. She's still adjusting the frame.
I can't call it glasses cause it have none! LOL

With my hairband somemore!

Look at me like a ShaPo. LOL. So cute.

The bro wants too, even with both spec and hairband!

Macho shot again! =P

See??!!! She's so obedient sitting there. 
You tell me la, why I don't love her more??!!!

Long-sighted-people-reading-books angle.

She wants to wear that jacket my cousin, Joan younger sis of Hin, also sayang me A LOTT bought for me in London.
Yeah, London! Freaking hot if you wear it in room temperature of Malaysia!

Still happy though.

Mom took this pic of the bro! 

Spot the poker face starts?
Cause I somemore tie the sleeves into a knot.

What a bad aunty am I!
I'm so mean that she almost cry until my mom ask me to stop.
*Evil grins!! Mwahaha

The brother want also worr~

Screaming for help. 

LOL, tell you, it's not her first kiss. HAHA!

Then we head back home with 3 boxes of chocolateSS and 1 jacket.

#Thursday, I went to Gurney with Stacy aka Ying2.

Just to shop for her birthday suit. Haha, I told her to just be naked lor. 

So, it was quite fun for me but she felt so paiseh and keep apologizing then I'm a bit pissed cause this little thing also paiseh then what friend we are??!! Maybe she's guilty of just getting 3 garments with 9 hours of shopping. Lol! I'm shopping kaki what~

She was trying in the fitting room while I was self shooting outside cause I have no money to buy things already. Next year somemore going to US. Gonna save as much as I can. Lol. Bull shit.


@Cache (I think la, cause I forgot the name.)


Ang gu gu pose. LOL

Back pose.

So freaking nervous cause later the shop assistant spot me then I'll be embarrassed to death. Luckily no.

One-piece dress: Cotton On Sabah@RM30
Flats: Cotton On Ipoh@RM15
Belt: FOS 1B@2 for RM21 I think
Coach: Lol. Bought in Texas.

Spot my make up of the day too. I ran out of my normal contact lens so I just grab my GEO lens bought maybe 2 years ago. Lol. Saved me but my skin condition is bad. TT Eye with upper outer "V" being defined only and some eye lashes highlighted with my all time secret weapon, Majolica Majorca.

 I have natural pretty eye brows. Yay!! Credits to my mom~

Bite my lower lips.
A bit gross lorh. Overage already. TT

OMG. So pretty, I gonna cry. 
Ignore the flaw of the skin.

Wanted to go to Nando's but it's full house cause I went exactly when our Muslim friends buka puasa.
Somemore the staff at the reception is so rude to me, like telling me to get lost of his sight like that.

Never mind, I go Kapitan, Old Town something. Forgot the shop name again.
Wow, white coffee. Nice. Especially the bubble layer. Woohoo!

Tomyam that taste exactly like tomyam. 
Unlike some shop that serves weird tomyam.

My buyings of the day. 
Told you it's bullshit telling myself not to buy clothes larh. LOL

Blouse: Dees@ RM25
Shorts: Dees@ RM34

#Friday, went to Sunway Carnival to have a small gathering.

With both my BFFs lorh!!! 

Somemore one wish granted!!!

[X]Take photo with both Ying Ying and Yee Yin. LOL. Don't worry, even my parents can't differentiate them. They'll just refer, saga or laksa for each of them respectively. HAHA =D

I seriously keep watching that pic lorh.

Ok. We met up in Sakae Sushi of Sunway Carnival. I ordered a green tea for RM2 per sachet with self service addition of hot water at each table that comes with sesame scent with it. so nice. the best green tea i've ever had and these are my food. 

Chicken Bento @ RM 10.90

Side dish of Japenese Sotong. @ RM 7.99

Chat a lot. Then we went back. I'm so glad that my both BFFs finally meets and they have good impression towards both of them. AWESOMEEE...AWW...SO SWEET AND LOVELY BFF LARHH...

#Saturday, I went to Queensbay.

Lol. Heavy week with shopping huh? I felt I've finish a few kms of marathon lo. I didn't take much picture but I finally get a tube which is so pretty, so lovely and suits me super duper well.  A bit expensive, but suits me, OK lorh. 

Tube: Forever21 @ RM29

BTW, do you spot that I've added a GIF pic at the sidebar there? It's my first GIF ever made using Photoshop. Yay! Self satisfied. ^_^ Somemore, I've joined Nuffnang as well cause I thought I want something that blink and changes the appearance all the time. Different different thing one. You geddit? LOL. 

OK, should off now. Bye folks~

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