Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Homebody gone outdoor

WOW! It's a hectic weekend! I paused for while to think what title suit this post well, but erm im gonna chuck a few special event of mine into this post. So, I would just go on writing and wait for some random idea come out.

*crickets chirping

Woookay..... So I stucked half way because I have my own system. Only when I have my title for the blog post, I feel right to continue. If not later forget or what. Aunty Alison have to go according to her procedure. Step by step.

As in real life, when I'm studying for a subject, if I didn't study the front part and you ask me to jump to the back part, I might as well prefer fail. I don't know why I am so weird, I'm just like that. =P

So I dozed off.....ZZZzzzz.......Somemore my bed is full with his scent because he came overnight this week too. =D

I think I need to get some serious sleep first before continuing the interesting part. Oinks! The weather is so hot now and I still didn't have my lunch yet. T.T 







So, I slept for hours and waking up thinking I should continue this post. Give me a like please for being so dedicated. Nola, it's just my hobby as a past time to blog but every single time I feel so reluctant to edit those pictures to be posted here. All because I have a bad camera, or maybe my skill sucks. Then edit a bad picture would make the situation gone better till where? #sien.jpg

=======Stop for 2 days of which the upper part was written on Sunday ======
==========and the lower part being continued on Wednesday. XD=========

*Take a deep breath first before you start right here. You gonna go breathless!!!

And finally, I manage to get a suitable title.  Homebody gone outdoor. Yes, I've done photosynthesis under the sun this weekend a lot to prevent mushrooming of myself then I'll stay forever sticking indoor, maybe some moonsynthesis as well. =P

Last week, got my first pay slip in the new company and I tasted these lovely JJ swiss roll, belanja by my manager. Look so adorable and it actually does taste very good. I'm travelling down to Ipoh this coming weekend and if things go smoothly, I'll be getting another bunch of my JJ swiss roll there too. Maybe a review or what later. It taste very good without the cream being very creamy. Haha. You got it right? That sticky and nose souring feel with some other kind of creamy cream.

So the last Tuesday, not yesterday, I went back to the old house in island with mom and dad. This visit is just to farewell to my dearest second aunt-in-law if this term does exist and it is called 二舅母in chinese, FYI cause she is flying to London the next day.

Check out her luggage to bring to her daughter, which is my cousin. Then you know what's my cousin passion in. Wahahaha.

Full of fooooooodddddddddddddddd. Layers after layers. XD

Not forgetting the pic of the kids! They're growing real fast!!

They got it wrong, the taller should be at the back. 

That's more like it!

Top view maybe?

Spot lil Elaine's =.= face!

Eyes get bak jiam cause probably she's too heaty already.

Like a boss, and finally reveal her secret! She still....
Spot me behind, capture her after she ran away with her pacifier. Haha! So cute!

Finally, she learnt to show the Yay-hand-sign.

She ask me to take faster cause seems she can't cope long. Haha!

Check out my stupid orange cat chilling in the office. The first ever present from him, hehehe. From Thailand, with love I guess. LOL

My hair have grown till the length that when I tie pony tail, the ends of the hair will make a million pokes on my neck. I was frustrated. So I wanted to make a mature-korean-loose-bun, like this...

Few seconds later, drop until like this. Told you, loose-bun! Like lao ah ma!

Pony tail, still. =)

He is irrisistably cute when he holds his face like this. 
AWWWWW~~~ *heart melts~
Ignore the ugly GF. hahaha! Cause I was sereen shooting!

Found some epic stamp in the office. I even found a puncher with the bottom plastic part turn to be iron one. Still punch hole well but not really that sharp already. Yeah~ Things in older time last longer than those made now, I mean recent. You get what I mean.

And my Kate unni busy gossiping. HAHAHA! 

Hectic session is about to start!

We went to badminton session with some other colleagues. Finally I manage to get some exercise after I'm back from Sabah! Sweat a lot I feel so healthy!

The way back from badminton to home. Jams everywhere during Friday night. wtf. Be it to or fro Penang bridge, anything that intercepts with the direction of both sure KAYA KAYA KAYA!!! I mean JAM JAM JAM!!!

We went to St. Anne's Novena & Feast later on. This is my first time to visit there. Don't ask me whether am I BM people, I don't know!! I don't even been to Cheruk Tokun or Mengkuang Dam. wtf. Cause I'm a homebody!

Take some pictures with my camera, with wrong settings. Anyway, still can see something.

Very nice!

Whoa~ WONDER GIRLS!!! wtf =.=

People praying, waiting their turns to put their candles, lighted with wish to be in place.

Washing all the sin and jinx with holy water.

Side view. Only time where it will on the lights, during the feast. Luckily I manage to visit it once in my lifetime.

Spot the bocea effect!!

And some iPod shots!

I'm not sure whether is it permitted to take photo in church cause as in Chinese Tao and Buddhism, it is disrespectful to the god. I do look around to see if there any sign stopping me to do so and I asked my friend as well. Green light. So I take the photo.

I put a candle as well but I didn't make a wish cause we need to pay back or thank them by visiting St. Anne again in return. I don't know whether will I or not, so I don't make wish. Furthermore, I'm not a Christian. So, I just say Thank You to Him.

Another place to make wish. Hearsay it's very zhun!

Volunteer standing behind bars!

I'm hot!!! But not sexy cause I'm sweaty as you can see!! 
Whoa!!~So rhyme oh!

Without me, the holy site.

View from the top.

Asynchronized funny faces shot! 

Yerr...So dull so we decided to make funny faces and..

asynchronized funny faces shot!  

Her cute sharp lips! Haha!

Long candles being sold there tied with a wooden stick to avoid it breaking into two!

Little ones in packages. But still bigger than mine. 
Mine just like 20cm long! wtf

No DSLR, no feel!

Somehow, I will get something like this as present. HAHA!
But do I need it? I got a real life with warmth one!

Then we went yum cha at Bikkuri Station! 

Blogged in another post cause this post has gone too long already.
You also know arr??!!

P.S: I saw this picture on my friend's facebook that went on the following day, Saturday. Walao! You see the crowd. OMG! I steal this pic without permission. LOL!

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