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Ipoh-Part I

I feel so guilty, to not having my Hong Kong trip post done yet. Maybe we can forget bout it. =P

This weekend, I followed Kate back to her home town, Perak. I was going to write Ipoh but she tell me that, her place is near but not in Ipoh. Maybe a distance of 15 minutes driving. I can't really tell you tell place, cause I'm senseless in direction.

So, it's Friday night that we departed from BM. Took us a less than one hour to reach her house. Before that, she told me that it took her around that time range but this time she will drive safely cause she have a mother and a couple tagging along. I somemore tell her, I still want to marry kok. XD (Spot my kok, often those non-Penangite were amazed by how we use the word. It's like an expression for ending something not done yet. )

So, we were singing songs and we are playing games in the car. 

WTF. You expect this? Of course no la! We have total 4 people in the car, Kate, Serene, Hang and ME~ So, Hang is just tagging along so the girls just keep gossiping in the car and talk about work. Means, the pig gone sleeping in the car as usual.

Kate is kind enough to let the 3 of us to tumpang at her house for 3 nights. Her house is absolutely clean unlike mine. A very comfortable house that every little couple would dream to own. Homeland.

Went to Desserts Road-糖水街, in front of Sam Teik Primary School to have some supper. Chinese in Ipoh speaks Cantonese, making me a bit uncomfortable due to the phobia from Hong Kong. I learn my Cantonese through TVB dramas like others as well so I just understand Hong Kong Cantonese instead of Malaysian Cantonese. wtf. They use different words and their sentence contruction a bit different making me need to process the sentence leh~ nopictures.jpg cause I didn't take my camera out, so paiseh to patah balik. So mahuan.

After that, we head back home. To rest.

Fast forward.......

Next morning, the first morning. We went to this coffee shop, Nam Heong coffee shop. According to Kate, this coffee shop is famous for the white coffee and yes we have to wait awhile got the seat.

We ordered white coffee. Of course, cause it's a must try! Cold one, yet still the ice doesn't fade the aroma of the coffee after I've done eating my entire bowl of noodle. I'm not a fan of coffee, in fact I will have severe insomnia after consuming coffee. But once in while, in order to try good food, why not?

 His, hot one. I reckon the texture of the bubble must be awesome. 

Some Ipoh food. Koay Teow Soup 清汤粉, Ipoh version of course. They even call it differently with Penang one.

Taste like soupified Penang Hokkien Mee, with strong Hokkien Mee scent and also blend of the fresh feel in Penang Koay Teow Soup. Not dull at all. 

Hor Hee 河嘻. Kate said that she never found a place having this but Ipoh. The name so cute I even compose a song out of the lyrics all just hor hee hor hee around. LOL.

Taste: Mild Penang Koay Teow Soup scent but this is with bean sprouts. Very different texture as the bean sprouts HAVE TOTALLY NO VEGE SCENT THAT I HATE. Crunchy and healthy. Yeah, I hate vege that smells like vege, it makes me feel like I'm as though eating grass. wtf. IPOH TAUGE (bean sprouts) DON'T HAVE TAUGE SCENT. Of course, annoys me most is when the scent of the grass when the gardener is cutting the grass. Holy shit.

Some egg tart you must not miss. RM 1.50 for each.

Taste: Balance between the fillings and the crust. Rated best egg tart I've ever ate. The last time I ate it I also forget when already. Cause to me, I always feel that the fillings is the best then when I eat the crust it make me so down and annoys me a lot. But for this one, both of them compensate and fit each other so well that I'm satisfied after years of fasting egg tart. The crust's texture is not layer, but it just like comes in a package. Custom made for the fillings. The fillings is not too soft but soft enough to just let us sip into our mouth and slide into and being swallowed. 

Then we are heading to the caves which we have the Buddha statues there. Guess what we spot on our way there?

A clown's house, and advertising at his own house and gate. Creative. It's written Au Yong Clown and the phone number as you can see. You can try it but I'm not sure whether is it just available in Ipoh area.

So this is the Nam Thin Dong, 南天洞. 

Taming a pegasus? Talking? 

Me, oversized kid. Overage, in fact. 

Thick-faced-me, straight away hop up the horse and ride it. =P

Beautiful Scenery.

Many monkey and beware of your belongings. They might grab I think, and don't provoke them!

Spot the Buddha's face and the elephant at the ear part there.

The architecture, AWESOME. Building adapted to the nature. I'm really amazed by human's achievement today, this era.

We're lucky enough to spot this craft man to do touch up on the old statue. Good timing. The uncle is well dress and concentrating on his work despite us taking his photo. I reckon he quite TL at times or maybe he act yeng. Haha. 


There goes the Guan Yin Dong, 观音洞. 

Which is basically another temple inside a cave. But this temple have another one located beside to pray those kids that were death in young age. They keep their ashes there.

10000X L sized Chinese Chess.

Ohya, King of Chinese Chess but also meant handsome. He was trying to tell you, his handsomeness is given by god. What to do? #SUPERKIAMPAK.jpg

The man, concentrate on taking his pic. 

Translation-not professional one:

In old days, when men are getting married, he have to bring his fiancée  to the cliff, successfully overcome it to show that he's able to protect his future wide. 

So, to prove that you are a brave man as well, do not hesistate, make your move now....CLIMB! 

What are you waiting?

He give me this face when I ask him to do so. = = #nohope.jpg

Wishes awaits to be granted.

Meaningful quotes.

Tortoise in the pond I thought that it's fake. Shoke his head and freak the shit out of me cause I gone really near. wtf

Some beautiful corner near the caves.


You can change your luck by walking thru this tunnel wor...
I'm satisfied with what I have now, so I didn't do so. =)

Don't worry, this thing can withstand the weight for both of us, me and him.

Guess the age


of the cow I mean, you dirty minded. Haha! 

Nice background. 
Then the next question is to him, the girl in front nice or not?

You take my picture, I take yours in return!

The bucket got holes, how to take water then?

A pond like thingy that allows owns a tradition of Chinese. Man throws apple while woman throws orange during Chap Goh Meh, signifying of hope in finding their suitable spouse. Some of them even write their contact number if happens to be someone will notice it. Creative!

Then we hop off into the car because the weather is turning real hot! Kate then bring us round the area and guess what we spot? 

A neighbourhood named in Chinese consisting Chinese character of his name and mine! I tell him, MUST BUY A HOUSE HERE!!!

Pass by a traffic light, realized it's a 7-up guy face! Haha!! I thought it's Naruto, they corrected me. Zzz.

Many kuih for less than RM10!

Potato Egg-direct translation of 番薯蛋

Bomb, we call it like that in  my house. 
Comes with 3 flavours for this stall.

Red beans.



Some kuih.

Then we head to JJ swiss roll to make our reservation and come back on Monday.

Then, we are here. To eat beancurd. They have no dine in service so the crowd just have to stand there and eat it or take away. You may spot some cars there as they are eating in the car. They do 'deliver' to your car. =D

You can see the transparency of the outer surface. 
You can feel how soft it is to flow through your tongue and slide into your oesophagus 
without yourself knowing it, as if you're drinking water!

Had our stew egg, 炖蛋 in another shop.
The texture is a bit rough like the taufu with some caramel and brown sugar sauce on top.

Then we move our steps to another shop again.
This time for lunch.
Pak Kong Restaurant of Chicken Rice.

Leftover, 猜脚 but we call it 菜尾 in Penang.

Black chicken. 
I tell you, the rice, IS VERY CHICKEN.
Go Ipoh taste yourself!

White chicken or you can call both in 1 also can.

Soup. Taste really good. FOC but doesn't simply cook it 
just because it's free for customer.
I like cook that cook with their heart. 
That's an additional flavour in the food that is so precious.

Essential add on!! 
Chilli plays a big role in Chicken Rice I tell you!!

Then we head home, but drop by at this shop to do reservation for the 
Salted Chicken, 盐焗鸡 for tomorrow's dinner. 

Then finally we, reached home. His father then show us, his chicken laid a weird egg. This is because the hen didn't laid on the 7th day and the weird egg is laid on the 8th day with combination of 2 eggs. WOW! First time see only!

Waliew..3am and I should be on bed. Bye. Check out for part II later.

PS: I don't take much pictures of the Buddha statue because it's a no-no in Buddhist religion. This is as though disrespect towards the god. =D
PPS PS: There's still Part II ;)

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