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Ipoh-Part II

Continue from Ipoh-Part I.

Mostly about food. ^_^

But be warned, this post imma bombard you with photos. If you are using broadband and you have quota, I thank you for giving me those quota you have. If you are using wifi, then you slowly load also la, unless you're using awesome Unifi like me. After using Unifi, I go everywhere to use the free wifi also gone pekchek cause the line super lag and super slow.

So, it's the first night. Consider first night la, because the previous night when we reach Kate's house it's already midnight in fact early morning lorh. After clean up after some 'hiking' at the cave there, everyone is sweaty and sticky already. Eww gross, I want to bath. So we rest for while, chilling in the house get prepared to hunt for food again. In fact, we no need to hunt but just letting Kate or her parents bring us there.

And we disapparated here. LOL. It's not Hogwards here la. Kate's dad brought us there. It's his 3rd time in a row eating Bean Sprouts Chicken and this time to bring us here. Uncle, THANK YOU!

The menu on a whiteboard. Hope you can see that low quality camera capturing. =)

Chicken feet. There's a saying where children can't eat chicken feet as they will have shaky hands that affects in writing. Lol. It's not true btw, just because a chicken have 2 feet and the adults want to eat them as well. 

YOU SEE IT OR NOT??!!! The centre part of the bean sprouts is fatter than Penang ones. I don't know whether it matters or not, but the Ipoh ones doesn't have those vege smell that I hate or maybe the way they cook it. JUST VERY DELICIOUS, YOU GOTTA TRY IT YOURSELF!!

Lol. Not I want too brag about. All these while I feel Koay Teow Th'ng which look much alike with the pic below in Penang is meant for sick people because IT HAS NO TASTE AND HAVE VERY GROSS TEXTURE! But you know? This one is the most delicious KTT I've even had in my life and I even drank up all the soup. Kate's mom even ask me whether want to order for another bowl or not. 

It's the main course! The Ngah Choi Gai, they called it like that in Cantonese which means Bean Sprouts Chicken.

The texture, super smooth and I love how the chicken was sliced at the perfect portion that you put into your mouth you're like. WTF. Is this chicken or what? It smells like chicken, and taste like one. But the texture I super like it. Yeah, it depends also la. 

Don't forget the spring onion also. I like to chew it with the chicken of which the chicken is giving the scent plus texture which is so soft while spring onion enhance the scent more and add on to the texture as you feel crunchiness of it. Both of them are like forming orchestra that give you the sensation of the food as well. Tskkk.*wtf. I swallow saliva while I was typing to describe this dish.

 Well, some of you may say it is not well presented. Lol, but who cares?

Also, spot the crowd when we are about to leave the shop. We even have people waiting beside our table to take our place after we leave. So, we hurried up a lil.

After the meal, we head back home and call it a day.

Before that, we spot this bar. Gan Bei Bar! 干杯吧!

And Kate said she even come across a bar named 上床吧 that means let's move to the bed. LOL.

Sunday Morning, 2nd day.

All of us woke up quite early, including me and Hang. Lol. It's not my style. After all, it's a vacation. So, why sleep so much? Finally gear up and we heading to Fok San's nearby. LOL But not to go Fok San to have our breakfast.

Instead, we went Yu Man Lou/Yok Mun Lau/玉满楼. Again, it's Kate's parents that lead us there. Yeah, I ate FokSan once, but I really feel uncomfortable to the surrounding which is so crowded and unair-conded. Plus, I don't really into Fok San's food cause they are no cheap and not really satisfy my taste bud.

So, what's Fok San and Yu Man Lou about?

It's about Dim Sum which is Cantonese breakfast or refreshment. Google Fok San and I reckon there will be  lotsa people blogging bout it as in some people in Penang even woke up early in the morning and drive 2 hour journey there to have their breakfast then travel back. Famous or not huh?

And I'm talking bout Yu Man Lou. I don't have the picture of how the shop looks like but it is just exactly the same row as Fok San but further down.

These are what we ordered.

Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉

Porridge with Scallop 干贝粥
fml i swallow saliva again

Ordinary Xiao Long Bao

Prawn Xiao Long Bao
I licked my lips. Tsk.

Xiu Mai 烧卖

I forgot. But obviously is frying something else. LOL

Sweet and Sour. Pork.

Yam Cake.

Mua Chi.

Char Siew Pau

Guai Fah Kow
With fragrance but definitely that type of fell like you're consuming those massage oil. Eww.
But this one good!

This is that much. Craving for good food once again satisfied. Then Kate's mom somemore ask us, whether are we full and wanted to bring us to eat around in that area. So we came here.

A famous shop we can buy Kayang Kok 加央角. First, I don't have the picture of the shop. Second, I don't have the picture of the Kayang Kok because the rest and I eat it before we realized I need to take photo. LOL.

They do mooncakes as well.

Ipoh Hniao Pniah 怡保香饼

One type of cake from the shop, I have the picture! Very tasty but sticky and give me a lil hard time to clear those gluey stuff on my teeth. I still prefer Kayang Kok. Taste good and no hard time given to my tongue. LOL. Btw, it's an old shop that have history and the cashier is either a grandpa or grandma. They might be a lil slow in service, but do believe that good stuff are worth while waiting!

Then we went to the famous park. Lol. We go to those non mainstream attraction. Eventually, I like it!

Most of the park in Ipoh got Japanese park I think. Cause I saw two on that day. Not really sure. =X

Pretty ME. Lol *shy

A scene you can find in Indian movie cause they either come out behind bushes or trees.
(According to the local movie, Nasi Lemak.)

Me, with a dried out pond.
But still very well preserved and if I didn't say you wouldn't know it's a dried out pond right?

At the Ipoh railway station.

If I could jump to see whether is it like in Harry Potter's Station 3/4.

My shot. Quite nice, with my skill using a digital camera.

Lots of walking and touring around and we're hungry. Then we are here, Under The Tree 大树脚. We call it in Penang 大树下 instead, said Hang.

The woman in black blouse is Kate's mom!

My dragon fruit drink! But I feel Look Yuen's better. 

Gwai Leng Gou

Ipoh LAKSA! Got bean sprouts one! *weird_plus_weird

I forgot bout the taste already. Must have been not really good since I can even forget bout the taste liao.

Yong Tau Fu in fried form.

Later then we shop and shop and these are my belongings now!!

Thin Strap thong in black: Cotton On @ RM6
Kylie Quilt in nude smooth: Cotton On @ RM15
Molly Moccasin in sky blue: Cotton On @ RM30
Bronte Flat in Peach Amber: Cotton On @ RM15
Wooden Comb: Sasa @ RM8.9
Digital Camera Strip: Daiso @ RM5 each

Out of nowhere I found this pic, the things I bought on the first day evening 
of which we went to Aeon of Kinta City. =D

Tissues =D
Maybelline make up remover
Floral Earing: P&Co @ RM15

Then, we head home right after picking up our order yesterday of salted chicken. Why? Cause it was the day Malaysian from all over the world would cheer for our nation's hero Dato' Lee Chong Wei on the match in Olympic London 2012. PATRIOTIC COMES IN! The only sports I've ever watch for this olympic.

So, it's like we have salted chicken only but I think it's enough but obviously is not. Great Kate and her mom rushed to the quite-far-coffee shop to buy the Ginger Pork and the Ipoh bean sprouts I love AND WE MUST NOT FORGET THE CHILLI!!

Then, his father did everything like preparing and 
making the chicken intro similar proportion, 
takes rice for us and even wash our dishes. 
He didn't even let us help when we ask to. 
Really thankful for his family's treat lah! 

So, we had a bad news and a good news that day. 

LCW lose :'( 

Malaysia got a silver medal lorh!!!

Anyway, Malaysia Boleh! That's why I keep touring around Malaysia locally. 
Where I was born and raised.
Should off now! Bye!

PS: There's still Part III ;)
PPS: Spot the time I published this post? At the nick of time on 15th of August. LOL! Geng!

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