Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ipoh-Part III

Previous post was a crap.  "Is" I should use. >.<

I think, I feel and I guess.

So, here's the finale for the Ipoh trip this time. Good things gonna end soon but not the memories. =)

So, this is the last day we were in Ipoh before going back on that day itself which is a holiday too. The Nuzul Al-Quran Day. Yay! I love holiday!

Monday Morning, 3rd Day (Last Day).

The day before, Kate's father have some work to do so he didn't accompany us to have the Dim Sum breakfast. Then, on Monday his father took his effort again to bring us go around and eat good food. 

This used to be a famous Hakka stall. It it "used to be" because only those old generation know how to come here and enjoy the Hakka delicacy served here. This place is still very lively during night time for the sea food or drinking Tuak(coconut wine) here. I'm not really sure cause it's day time and all the shop were closed except that Hakka stall only.

At Weng Fatt for the Hakka food.


Meatball that end up the attendant served wrong table. Hahaha

Not ours as well. =D

My Q'ng Bou Leong 清补凉.

I tell you, this one is Awesomely nice. 
The best dry-but-not-fried-noodle I've ever had! 
With Bean Sprout somemore!!
Didn't I tell you Ipoh bean sprouts have no vege scent? Lols

So, basically we ordered the same thing for everyone and some side dishes as well. After that, we head towards Kampar! Kate dropped me at my destination and she and Serene went sight seeing around that area.

Try to figure out why am I so nervous in this photo.

Cause I was going to give my dear a surprise. Waiting inside the room of one of her house mate which is also both our ex-classmate.

Did she or not get the surprise?


Stop act cute, you please. *Roll eyes.

Oh yea~ She is holding my hands cause she scared I was going to push her down to the cake when she was picking up the candle which is the tradition. Well, you hold my hand still I got Jialek's!! Lols. This is how cute my bendan Hello Kitty is!

Bye Kitty face maybe. Hello Kitty don't have mouth!

Shocked or what?

Happy Birthday my dear Panda!!!

We come hug hug~

Hostel area inside UTAR really have good scenery and worth sight seeing but not everyone can go in lah. Haha. So Panda brought us around to take pics. Lol. Privated cause BFFs really gone crazy and you won't want to see those Siao Kia(crazy people) actions. 

About the surprise:
Last day of our trip and one day before her birthday. Aiks. Really bad timing cause it's beginning of the month and I can't take leave like that. Sure got killed by manager or what. 

Her hostel in Kampar.

Her clever house mate (Jialek), me and my BF.

The clever house mate phoned her to get back home aka hostel urgently as she was out at someone else's house doing assignment. She told Panda, her room was conquered by rats, cockroaches and those nasty creatures. Panda scared the most of them. Coincidently, there was a dead lizard dying in front of her room. Bravo! Jialek asked Panda to help her to see the condition of the room. In fact, she pushed her in. She was so reluctant until she sees us. LOL!

Panda told us she suspect something cause the house mate is quite independent and few days ago or weeks they just throw a lil birthday surprise to a friend and the same girl gives trick. But it's not hard to prank on her! *Evil grins.

We then head to Kellie's Castle!

Messy hair cause it's under hot sun you know?

Some of them take wedding pics here. So we are imitating or what.
*shy shy~
Photographed by Kate.

The playful pig~
The playful couple!

We spot a duck face cam whoring girl. He asked me quickly come, we too take one.
1, 2, 3! Duck face~

Kate the photographer~

This post mostly on my memories with the ones I love. Unlike the previous one, really go and tour around. Maybe because we are really tired already. Or maybe it's the day after...the badminton match. TT

Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you happens to not yet doing so. =)

I'll go back to Ipoh for sure, the food haven. Slrrrpp...=P

Signing off with lotsa love from everyone. ^_^

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