Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Picture Day

As mentioned in my twitter this morning.

Finally im willing to get my ass off to make my new adult identification card. 😱 Make up? Search Michelle Phan's picture day. 

Lol. I should have done it like maybe around 3 years ago cause it was meant to be done around when I was 18. I wouldn't want to just because of some factors.

1. I'm ugly.
2. I'm fat.
3. I don't look good on formal pictures or photos.
4. I look disgusting especially shoots with flash lights being on.
5. I know I should some how put some make up.
6. Government department is inefficient and I hate waiting there like a dumb. (Which is obviously not.)

And this is suppose to be a post on my BFF's 21st birthday party but I didn't get the photos from those DSLRs. Oh well, just continue with my post.

The night before I was struggling on the decision whether to go or not until I saw this video by Michelle Phan. 

It was inspiring. Actually, for current. I thought I was pretty but yet ugly in front on those formal shooting cameras. So, Michelle taught us a few tips and you should really watch that for normal occasion as well or any occasion that you would prefer light make up.

Then finally, I've decided to go! Told dad my decision around 2 midnight. Well, both my parents haven't sleep yet too. Lol. That's why they have kids that can stand through late night. They are either watching TV dramas or surfing nets. My parents are chio! Aren't they?

The next day which is today, woke up by dad around 8am then was still in the bed feeling still reluctant to prepare myself until almost 9 cause of the make up that I have to do and the waiting to be waited. Urrghhhh.

Till I starts my make up. Make up is always my interest and passion. Just, to start anything in my life will be a bit erm....lil lil hard if my original location is ON THE BED. gaga (gaga is the new haha)

So here's me, with my make up. (No before picture, because the before one is everywhere on my blog.)

Let's Start!

So, today it's about make up for extreme lazy people or when you're in extreme hurry. Errr. Actually, I did it on normal basis even though not in a hurry.

Here's my secret weapon =D

A-Elianto blusher | B-Etude House contour brush | C-Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm | D&E-Maybelline gel eye liner that comes with it's superb brush | F-Etude House eye shadow brush | G-Etude House Surprise Stick concealer | H-Etude House Luci Darling lipstick | I-Cotton pad | J- Etude House Golden Ratio face contouring powder | K-Hada Labo toner | L-Maybelline make up remover | M-Maybelline Magnum Volum Express | N-Maybelline eye sharow pallete | O-Etude House shimmer powder (serves the same purpose as what I use for N)

#Define Your Eyes

Define only the outer 'V' of your eyes. Just a line with a little bit of contouring upwards.

And you dap a little shimmer powder of A with the brush provided as below, to the parts where your lower lashes are. (To cover up black circles and minimise usage of concealer! )

You can skip this if your skin condition is fine to you. Somehow, a bit of flaws may look natural. 

#Contouring The Face

Etude House Golden Ratio face contouring powder: Apply it on th pink zone with b while purple region with a.

 #Applying Blusher

First, Etude House Golden Ratio face contouring powder: Apply c on the orange zone.
Then, Elianto blusher: Apply on the yellow zone with the method as above.
I look funny hurh??!!

#Apply Mascara






Same make up with flash on!

Eyes forced to open big big.

Eyes forced on fake small smiling eyes.

Just right =)

Compare yourself. LOL.
Same light, same smile, same make up but with and without flash light.

Ohya, about the waiting time. Actually, the customer service speed at the JPN quite fast which is out of my expectation. I get my stuff done in a bit less than one hour and I am satisfied with the service. Malaysia still Boleh la! I even rate the faster counter which serve the customer (the counter that serve also) the fastest with having my number put into the rating box prepared at every counter with full smile. 

It's a friendly Malay woman. BTW, Selamat Hari Raya to her! ^_^

I have to be back in 3 months time to pick up my new-faced identification card! Yay! Pretty gua~

Off to prepare my double date with Stacy tomorrow. a few hours later actually


PS: So is this a make up tutorial? LOLLLL

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