Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Post event-Hunting for food

Continued from the other post.

I have no idea why these photos can't be rotated and be in place properly. 
Anyway, here's the menu. So, just turn your head over to read lah. Sorry! =(

They ordered these~

Mine is not that interesting to take photos cause just a ordinarry red bean soup with those orangy and purplish chewy thing. At first, my soup is sweet then towards the end of the whole bowl eating, it turns to be bitter. Whoa..Geng. The texture and the taste is rich! You get what I mean. I meant it taste so rich because it varies in terms of taste to every single taste bud on your tongue. wOw!

Some shots in Bikkuri Station, at BM town area. I know road. =D

Them, without me. =(


This is what we call evil grins!

Later on, we somemore go nearby to eat the Legendary Duck Egg Char Koay Teow. My friends said it is fried with charcoal and I REALLY CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!! Although I prefer the normal stove-fried one, because they put more chilli, but this duck egg stall one is totally different way of heating up the tongue. It's more like mother's love heating up with excitement than normal one which is roller coaster excitement. Yeah, I prefer wilder one, but I do love my mummy more o!
Duck Egg Char Koay Toew

Mee Sua add mommy's ♥

Signing off. Super exhausted cause I one shot sent a lot of resume to the freelance employer. Kate introduced to me. What a knowledgeable senior she is. AH!

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