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It's gonna be a wordy post.

What come across your mind when people mention about the word "Banana"?


This one?

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OK. It's about people.

You thought of this?


What's the colour of the skin of the banana? Yellow.. What's the flesh of the banana? White. (It is related to what I'm going to explain on what does it means when it comes to a situation.)


A "Banana" is also known as an adjective to represent the Chinese who NOT are Mandarin illiterate while Mandarin literated people call them 香蕉人.

So you get it now, right?

I always wonder how does a banana look like to the others. What impression do they give to others? I have always been mistaken by surrounding people in campus when I was in first year that I am a banana. Maybe because I am a half-blooded banana since both of my parents are bananas. It's in the gene or what IDK.

BTW, being banana is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. But I do go to Chinese school, both primary and secondary. On top of that, I even take Mandarin in SPM and got a freaking A2. Ok, not good enough but I satisfied with my result. =P

Good? People thinks that

  • your English is good or what in the sense you don't speak Manglish (I take it as that lah) 
  • you look rich
  • you are pretty (Cause most Banana are pretty including my mom =D)
  • you are smart

All these crap reasons are just me myself hallucinating how people have good impression towards bananas as I am partially part of them. HAHAHAHA.

Bad? People thinks that

  • you forget about your root as in the things you should inherit from your ancestors and you did not eg. the language, writing
  • you freaking good in English just because you learn less language (even one and it counts)
  • you are open minded
  • you are rich (rich also wrong again?)

Normally they are untrue. I mean for the bad part. LOL.

The reason why my parents are English educated not because they do not want to learn Mandarin or somewhat reason. It's because they are POOR. They don't have the choice but to follow my grandparents' decision. In fact, my grandparents don't have a choice too.

My mom used to tell me how the food that just cost half a cent.

Mama's story
For my mom, she went to a convent school. She said that she was so happy when the church of the school is having event and they distributed food. My mom said the time she ever tasted cake was when she bought those pieces of leftover sold by the bakery shop. 

And yes, now you can still buy from the shop. My mom even went to the same cake house and bought us some. One, to educate us-me and my sis. Two, to let us taste what she felt the yummy when she was a little girl. 

My mom had a pet before. It was a handicapped chick. It's because they chick seller feel it's a handicapped one which my mom refers it as "bai kah eh geh kia" can't be sell out, so he give to my mom. My mom take care of it till it grown bigger already. 

Then one day when she was back from school, as usual ate the lunch at home then she find her pet, the chicken. I forget what is the name. She can't. So, she asked my grandma. My grandma just replied, you ate it just now and my cute mom burst into tears. LOL.

This was how my mom grew up.

Papa's story
While for my dad, my grandmother sent all her first 5 son to English school. My uncle is the only one that had the opportunity to attend Chinese school till his secondary education ends which is Chung Ling High School (also my BF's alma mater XDDDDD, somemore my aunt-in-law is Jit Sin High School one).

They were living in Butterworth. Everyday my uncle have to wake up so early that he have to take the bus, then to take ferry, then to take bus again to reach his school. This is only the one way to travel to the school. The cycle repeats when he have to travel home. Like for every single day. 

Think of the cost. Somemore the extra subjects to be taken? But fortunately, that time we just had our independence for the country and the schooling system is according to British one. So my father was educated some sort like in Britain. Where he learnt World Geographic, Calculus (Integration and Differentiation) and sort of things like that. Which means also, he is so good in English. Yet inevitably, his Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary even worse than mine. 

Back to the topic, my mom is so "laokotong" like any other Chinese mom. She keeps telling me that, "Mama very modern one." OKAY~

She follows Lilian Too Feng Shui thing strictly. Even have to put what five-element-pagoda in the house, facing the Tai Tsui direction is a nono in the house and when I want to go out with friend I have to look for the book to see whether does the day conflicts my zodiac or what

The banana family Chan does practice Chinese filial piety thing too as according to tradition one. We got Cheng Beng, pray during Hungry Ghost festival, go to temple before my sis and my major exam, we pray Confucius, we pray GuanYinMa, we drink charm water(and I think it taste good but my dad ask me not to drink all cause got so many carbon LOL). In fact, my dad even kotong than my mom. IN FACT, MY BF ALSO VERY KOTONG MINDED. lol

Yeah, it is heartache at times listen to people saying that banana people don't preserve their roots and their culture or what shit. Duh. Ni bullshit.

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