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DIY: Laptop Case

Lab report?

It's been so long I didn't write one as in a real lab report cause I'm studying engineering course. NO LABCOAT. NO CORPORATE TEE. Haih. Why does EE people is so passive? No chemicals to play with. We just have some equipments to test with and get the results.

That's why we don't need to write lab report for the past year YET. I'm not sure whether future do I need to. Sometimes the graph shown on oscillators is blinking like dunno how many times per second making me get so tired observing the bloody result. Or maybe camera loaded with full memory cause I have to keep going on burst shot to really see the result in stationary mode.


Here it is!!!

How to make a laptop case/sleeve?

To make myself a laptop case.

Why?Because the 15'' laptop case in the market of which I could reach is so ugly if it is fortunately found to be in 15'' size. Somemore, I want pretty one. Sure very damn expensize.
When?Last Sat and Sun. Took me almost 20 hours to finish it. LOL. Please. I'm not a pro.
Where?My house, living room.
The stronger your will, the higher the possibilities you could complete a task even you're a noob. 

Skills needed:
Hand sewing
Handling sewing machine
Handling hot glue gun

(I will not upload the pictures as the usage of diferrent brands or design 
won't affect on the outcome of making laptop case XDD)
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun

Which the colour near and match to your whole concept or idea of your lovely laptop case.

Recycled from those sponge used to protect laptops to be sent to home.
Credits to my dad cause he keeps them! ^_^
Don't worry if it is too thick, there's still a way out!

Outer fabric
Daiso @ RM5
I chose this because I want some lovely cottage and country feel!

Inner fabric
Daiso @ RM5


Big dark brown: RM 0.70 per piece
Light brown: RM 0.40 per piece

SSF @ RM 2.20 per metre
I bought 3 metres and I don't even used a metre.XD
Decorations Stuff
Daiso @ RM5
Rabbit buttons or can be glued as decorations as well!

Bought in SFF but I forget the price already. >.<

Preparations of materials:
  • If you have rags and you want to reuse them, but they don't even fit the size as whole. But wait! Why not patching? I find it even more interesting!

  • If you have sponge that is way much more thicker and the size doesn't fits. You can just cut and paste. I mean you can just hand sew them together. This is even more protective to your laptop as the extra layers will diverge the force when it hits on some surface or anything. =D 

          If it is too thick, you just watch and see. =D

Trimming your sponge =D
1) If you have a big sponge like this. Don't worry if it is very very very ultimately ugly. You're gonna hide it anyway. It will be out of your sight. LOL

   And thickness like this which is around half inch or bigger.

2) Cut it out the extra part or those dirty parts your want to dispose.

3) Then cut it in between using a normal stationery clean scissors instead of those sharp scissors specially for cutting cloth. The reason of using a scissors is that you can control the direction of cutting and splitting the sponge into the thickness you want. For me, I make it into around 2cm. Because I want to use it as a pillow in my class as well. =D 

Cut it patiently, by one cut and one cut on it. Make sure not to make holes. But if you do, you can take cotton pad and sew it on. BTW, it's cotton! It can be sew on a cloth to replace the sponges if you want too.

4) Then after you have done. You have this!!! Make sure that the rough faces that you cut on is the inner layer facing inwards of you laptop case to avoid those rough surfaces being seen on the outer surface. 

5) Cut it around according to your laptop by leaving some allowance for one inch at each of the sides. Or if you want more protection, you can have more allowance too!

1) Plan your decoration and utilise the materials you have to the max! Of course some cutting of the materials includes here already!
With flap?

Centred open or what? I was just trying to arrange differently see whether I can get any inspiration or not.
Finally this is the plan. Obviously the final outcome don't really looks like this. Just plan and rough idea what I want. You can always alter whenever you feel it suits more. Many of my friends just think I should take off the ribbon. LOL. Way too aunty....

2) Start by hand sewing your sponge into place. Pay more attention here on the way of tying the knot to stop the thread from being moveable.
  • Make the usual but holding the end with the knot by leaving 1 inch behind after pulling the thread like we always did when sewing things.

  • Make a U-turn back as always. 

  • Pull the string out, and make the string go across the loop in between where the end of the knots and the sponge are. 

  • Pull it gently as you might not want to spoil your sponge and gonna redo this all over again. Do make sure they are firm and secure though. 

 The method showed above is as though as a variation of a cow hitch

  • Keep sewing a few layers and make sure you don't make the sponge too small to fit in your laptop! Check from time to time when you starts sewing getting closer to the centre.

  • Sew the whole thing at the side. The best is to sew it a few overlaps to secure the whole thing. You don't want to redo this for sure!

  •  And it's done when it looks like this!!

  • Make sure you hand sew it cause you might tear your sponge like how I did. LOL

3) Sew your inner fabric and outer fabric into shapes. Both sew inside-out. The surface you see now for both fabric will be hidden later. Well for this step, I've already sew bothe of them together just with one of the side only, where my buttons going to locate. It is as tough having 2 pouch attaching together.

4) Unfold your outer fabric inside-out like this. BUT NOT THE INNER FABRIC!

5) Does the same to the sponge layer as well and make sure the corner and well adjusted.

6) Tug in the sponge into the pocket you are having with the outer fabric. Make sure to locate it same position with the flap at the same place.

7) Now, the inner fabric to be tug in as it is be.

8) Time to zip up and do end the whole ugly thing by sealing the flap. I did it by straight away sew the start to the end.

9) I failed the second one so you can do it as well by sewing the centre part first and make up on the second sew. You can just seal the flap by sew 1cm apart from the other side and sew it later on to get the sewing nearer and sew the lace together with the fabric.

10) And I'm done with sealing!

11) This step gonna be sewing the hole for the button. The sewing is to hold the hole from being continue to tear the fabric once it is cut. I use a zig zag pattern cause my sewing machine didn't have those main for button hole sealing. So I just hold my fabric slower as it goes across the sewing machine. (Don't forget on how your sewing should be as to fit with the buttons you prepared.)

12) Then only I cut a hole through it!

13) Then finally, I sew the button with measuring that they are aligned to the hole on the flap.

14) Then I'm done!!!


Some shots on my cute cottage and country feel laptop case which also works as a pillow in the class!!

With flash!

1) If you want to do the same design as mine, you can go like glueing those ribbons on the outer fabric after measuring. I did it right after my planning and before my sewing on making them into pouch.

2) I have not enough fabric so I use the ribbon to close the joining of my outer fabric!! I glue both the ribbons together!! In the other hand, I do sew the sides of the white ribbons to prevent it from dropping of also and to distract attention as my ribbon is a little bit transparent of which I don't like.

3) Do glue on some areas that are not secured! This will help in making the laptop sleeve more long lasting!

3) And I do some designs at the end to make it not that dull and live up the whole thing. Making it mature but still cute!! ^_^

There are some awesome videos I've watch and where I got my inspiration!!

Where I got the idea on making it a pillow too!! 
Also, the idea of protecting it with sponge inside!!!

Where I got the idea on getting a flap for my laptop case 
and also how to calculate the measurements of fabric I needed.

Solve the problem as your encounter some and don't give up!!! It may sounds hard but it is not as it seems to be!

So, try it out and let me know how you did yours!!!

Alison =)

PS:I will update my blog at least twice a week so stay tuned!!♥

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