Sunday, 23 September 2012

Free Blog Template for A Blogger

You spot my new background? ^_^

Everybody wants free stuff right? Don't tell me you don't. LOL.

So, I do too. I went to google same words as above hoping that I will find something nice and free and unique and ME. I didn't go for blog template straight away as in I will just cut a bit from here and a bit from there from those templates then compile them up.

Ask me why I didn't Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V for the templates straight away? Cause few years back I did tried to use free templates online but what I have to do in the end is to keep debug, debug, debug and debugging. Debugging until I TL.

So, finally, I chose to depend on myself. Then, too good that I was determined enough to finally get my background done with inspiration and help of course. Fortunately, I was on time to finish the background if not I will be starve to death or die of constipation.

What I did?
I edit my own background and customize the CSS code for my blog. It's in Blogger and it's free!!

Requirements strictly fulfilled?
YESH. Super yes! Everything but just a bit time consuming and patience needed. Of course some talent too. XD

The most inspiration of all! See here.  It is a website called The Cutest Blog on the Block. Few years back, I do too use their template for the two-sidebar styled background. I wanted something like this, but that was too mainstream if were to just copy and paste the links and apply it to my blog. Mi no gusta. =(

It's a big inspiration but still I have problem when I was applying it to my blog. The width and height of the blog all are not in place!!! In other words, the dimension given are wrong!!! Altered for almost 6 hours (just the dimension) to get things right in place. Phew!

Problems encountered 

  1. At first, I upload to PhotoBucket but you know what? Only Pro user can upload pictures without resizing! Boo!!!! That's the problem I found out after a few alterations made that seems futile. Anyway, I'm a loyal user of PhotoBucket cause it's quite user friendly for a few years already.
  2. Then, tried to go for ImageShack but my line sucks that make the website down. Thinking that maybe it's banned in Malaysia so I just go and find alternatives. Walk a few mile lost in the jungle and finally get back to ImageShack. I even go and find China image hosting website and some other English but seems-not-reliable image hosting website. Glad that end up using ImageShack.
  3. I thought that's the end of the story after I manage to upload to a image hosting site, but then, the CSS code given by The Cutest Blog on the Block is not working on my blog!!  Why others can but mine can't?!! The dimension is wrong in the sense the image is too small or too big. The centre block which is in white that is meant to me the background of my post is too big ending up the right hand side is hidden. After settling the two sides, I realized again the bottom part of the background is gone!!! Arrghhh.
  4. And now, I have another problem! The post width is too small making my setting of "X-Large" for the picture is out of the border! Aiks!

So, I just fed up. I straight away use the Customization CSS in blogger and do a few alterations then IT FINALLY DOES WORK!

So, when you want to do the blog template yourself make sure your setting are as below. But it depends also. I'm just providing measurement as a guidance.=D

While the width of the two blocks at side is at 5.5cm. The rest you can customize yourself according to your preference. Yay! Me Gusta!

One more thing, make sure to resize your header picture to 960px if you are using Picture Window Template like me and your blog width is 990px.

I've spend the whole day playing Photoshop cause the moment I woke up I checked my iPod and a friend of mine which is also the current candidates for the coming university election asked me to save his "Poster Project". Finish it around 3 after he is satisfied but he's satisfied doesn't mean I am. T_T so_ashamed_with_my_poster_done_for_him

His bad too anyway cause his photo was taken by a digital camera and the background of his picture is in maroon pink. Have to erase the background to start the work. Gosh. Erase like hell yet still in bad condition so at the eleventh hour I just use brush and draw on it. Arghh. Or maybe can blame me that I'm still noob in PSing! @@ (I somemore did try to help even more-to ask him come over to my house to let me retake the photo for him.)

I have class tomorrow and I didn't even revised my book at all. Will die tomorrow if I still having my hands on the keyboard. Bye folks! ^_^


Yes, it is free, nice, unique and most of all, very ME! ME GUSTA! GUAPO GUAPO!!

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