Friday, 7 September 2012

Life's Bored

I'm bored.
So bored. 
But not boring!

So, the first question.

What do you do when your life is so bored? 

You play games?

You go shopping? You sure got so much money or not? Or you're a homebody like me, I bet you rarely do hardworking stuff like that....

Or you.....

Do you just sit there and watch TV whole day with your mouth wide open?

You Google your own name?
End up nothing really is about YOU!

A 'Victory' sign?

Sleep like a pig?
Even at others' house.

Draw circles with your fingers?
Or maybe playing with your own fingers.

Play with your tongue or saliva?

Take emo pics?
And put some emo wordings?

Play game like a noob?
And lose like siao kia.

I always choose to remain my position in front of my laptop for the most of the time.

So, I blog! I photoshop those photos and I blog! Edit pictures is just my favourite and the new hobby of mine!

Why I like to blog?
  1. Time easily wasted but you know where you waste it! If you're serious and every post of yours you want to have pictures on it. It takes a couple of hours to take picture and edit it to exaggerate your expression. 
  2. I learn how to PhotoShop pictures! You don't have to appear yourself in like with pimples. Your face can be flawless, acneless, pimpleless in just a few clicks. Lol. But of course you have to be quite pretty in terms of feature esp like me. ^_^
  3. I learn CSS codes. I edit all the details in my blog myself. With the help of google and Pros online of course.
  4. I'm not a freak. I can express my feelings or at least I can scold like FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!! Then I'm balance again. Because I'm able to release my tension and my emotion to the virtual world in the way or not harming a little creature. 
  5. I'm eco friendly. I don't waste up fuel to go places just to spend my time alone. I stay at home.
  6. I save money. I please myself by making myself at home. Plain water? Maybe less then RM0.20!
  7. Being flexible. How could you not understand what I'm talking? I can even sleep at 7am and wake on 11pm and stay awake the whole night just blogging and not being disturb. 
  8. I love myself. I see how talented am I. I just know how skillful and awesome am I. 
  9. I learn to update myself on my social channels. Because I'm a homebody and before I have a boyfriend, I rarely bring my mobile anywhere. I keep it in the fridge! LOL
  10. I don't eat junk food. I keep my hands busy and not addicted. I can stop once I finish a post. Unlike gaming.
  11. I can look back how my life. Of course, just by viewing back those posts!
  12. I ...I ....I forget and I don't know what to tell more. Just more and more to be added day by day!

So, I just blog and will continue to blog. 

Again, when since I start to blog, 2007?

Blog loving!

PS: But after blogging one post, I don't know what else I should do. >.<
PPS: Credits to my friend who allow me to be at her place although she is not at home to use her internet wifi! Thankiew Jin Yee!

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