Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My first year in Sabah UMS

It was way back from September of 2011 till June of 2012. Started once I say the vow as a UMS student.

Such sentimental moments after I see juniors walking around in the school campus. That was me or us, the previous batch of first year student.

I'm a second year student now. I'm in my first semester of my second studying here in the same place. I've decided on the last November, to stay here and learn and experience the things I wouldn't have the chance to do so once I've migrated to US.

There's so much of the memories I had during my first year. Most of all, I got my first boyfriend in my life. Yeala..First love...LOL But of course not only that, I also know a few friends which have emerged to be the important ones in my life. There are so much of them that make me so warm and I celebrated my birthday thrice this year. With 2 cakes some more.

Some senior said, you must go and mix with people when you are in first year cause that's when you got to meet lots and lots of people. Well said, be it in event, hostel, school, campus, courses and etc. All the gangs have not been form, you can be one of them and can be the one that can mix with everyone else.

Let's start it with my orientation week.

Everyone was suppose to wear the shirt that was in the bag prepared by the organiser.

For the vow,
Now you see, all of us are in bright colour shirt.

The crowd is in black colour because we are wearing the gown to honor without the mortar already!

We were like rehearsing cause we are going to do it again in witness of the chancellor. 
Yuan Yee (Megan) and I was like always sticking together for the whole MSM cause we are both from Penang and also we stayed in the same kampung (hostel area). Also, both of our parents are also banana (Chinese that are Mandarin illiterate). Then, we was often mistaken as Banana as well. Due to our look or what?

She with her sexy eyes!
Then, it's our SKTM orientation day's turn. It was held in Tanjung Aru. Quite a pretty beach. It's in Sabah what! BTW, it's with a girl that was once my really good friend and some controversy happened made me feel that it's no meaning to be friends with people like this. 

Spot me in her glasses? The girl once my good friend.

Megan and Her

Us! With the gold fish. AND my duck duck was absent so she's not in the photo.

Then there goes my hostel for one and half a sem. Cause I moved out later on. 
My room number, block G of Kampung A which is the best hostel ever had in UMS! LOL
There was 2 bunk bed in the room but then now for the new sem, they said it turned to be 3 bunk bed.
Which means will fit in 6 persons in a room!
Wow. Cause previously my room was just 3 people with the same space we have.

The dirt we have on our bed.

The fucking fan that spoilt easily and we was like hot till wanna die or what.
But luckily the service team is quite efficient for my kampung.
Told you it's the best kampung what~
My workplace in the room! I have 2 of the cabinets which one of them is my kitchen!! 
But it's so dirty, somemore my drawer is spoilt! ='(

It looks better now cause it's like the real awesome workplace that optimize the whole thing.
I think I will copy the design and make one for my kid. LOL

Mirror at next door.

The girl that always taught me stuff and teaches me how to hand wash my clothes, Casey Ho.
She and Megan like to freaking shout my name till the whole kampung can hear it. Zzz.

Casey Ho (the room mate that suppose to be NDR[next-door-room-mate])
and my real room mate, Grace Ko.
And another girl, she's a Malay, can't post her pretty pic without her tudung
Then, it's my stock to make me stay away from hunger!

You guess what is this...

It's a half-boiled egg (HBE) preparing tools.
My secret weapon to cook HBE in the room without using stove.


It's bowl licking good!!

Then I have mushroom soup too! ^_^

With some pepper!

Then, there goes the introduction of the girl which I will stay with for four years!

A.K.A Tzyy Ching
She's so cute, isn't she?
I want to cubit (pinch) her cheek naooo.

There goes my lab...

And I lost most of the pictures so what I have is just those I manage to uplaod on Facebook. All because I'm IN A RELATIONSHIP with Mr. Hang. My HDD go gone case a few hours later I put 'in a relationship' with him on the facebook. 
Drawing circuit on the software to test the functionality on whether it works or not.
We started from zero and...
I am here!
They're the same. Exactly!

The same circuit demonstrated in 3D form of which I'm the only one who just manage to did this far.

Then, there goes the freaking programming. Actually I didn't manage to run this out but I just copy from what being tagged by my friend. He's a genius.

Guess, it's just this much. I'm glad I can get along well with awesome people and continue to be part of them in their life. That's the main reason I want to stay in UMS... 

Bye, and good night with love~

PS: It's so awesome to have wifi now and I don't have to freaking resize those pictures into lower resolution or what end up making it in bad quality. TM and Streamyx rocks!!! Yay!!!


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  2. The dirt on the bed you showed, the bed looks really dirty, omg. Did they clean for you or change the beds or you slept on that bed? Might be going to Sabah and I'm worried about the cleanliness. Thanks!

    1. No, they don't. You have to do it all by yourself. =/

      I am not sure if they have change the bed or not. It was like 5 years ago when I wrote this.