Friday, 28 September 2012

♥ Our Anniversary ♥

@Texas Restaurant & Bar, Kota Kinabalu.

It's been a year we've been together and finally we are eligible to wish each other, Happy Anniversary!! Before that, on every 27th of the month we could just use Happy __monthversary. Well, we are officially been together for a year!

Can't believe that I have boyfriend for a year already. So glad that I've waited patiently and finally managed to meet with the right guy. I'm sure he will be my soul mate for the rest of my life. He lead me so well, taught me, pampered me and whatever that a boyfriend should be, he fulfils all EXCEPT one thing, HE DOESN'T BUY ME A TEDDY BEAR yet!

We celebrated our anniversary in Texas Restaurant and Bar, Kota Kinabalu. No we don't go to that Texas, I mean for this celebration. LOL.

Lot 8, Block D, Segama Complex, Jalan Labuk, 
Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-261 026

So yeah, this is the blurry picture of the restaurant itself taken when we were in the car driving. Sorry once again for the bad picture quality.

Insights of the restaurant. But I don't have any feel that I'm in Texas. Just the cowboy hat on the ceiling. Didn't take any picture on that. =(

BTW, we have these. =P

I am so hungry already!
Flipping the menu over and over again to order!

Was in deep thought...

I barely could decide! Hmm.

Pose for the picture!
Back to look at the menu!

RAWR! Imma eat all of you!

The everyday-also-different hairstyle haircut. He is so proud of it. Today is slanting to the right!

 The food is served!!!

His: Chocolate Ice Cream Smoothie | RM 6.90

Hers: Oreo Ice Cream Smoothie | RM 6.90
The drinks is so damn cheap right? Somemore it's the best near-caffeine thing I've ever had cause I can't have coffee as I will have insomnia. The Oreo Ice Cream Smoothie taste just better than anything you could get from Starbucks. I swear! (In my opinion la, cause I'm caffeine allergic. XD)

Texas Seafood Soup | RM 9.80

Examining what's inside!

Juicy Oyster!

His: Char-Grilled Boneless Lamb Steak | RM 23.80 + RM 2
(Sautéed vegetables, Mashed Potato, Mushroom + Add On: Jacket Potato)

Not really pretty here cause Imma have a lil try on it before you could take the pic!

Hers: Char-Grilled Boneless Lamb Steak | RM 23.80
(Fries, Salad with Sweet Corn, Black Pepper)

#OOTD under normal light

Then, we went to Suria Sabah which is so near to the restaurant and to shop then I got myself a vest-like blouse from Cotton On. We also watched a 3D premier movie which is "Hotal Transylvania" from Columbia Pictures. Nice and cute movie with awesome soundtrack!

On our way back, he drove me to somewhere else which he thought there will be some nice building that could be house of Datuk or what but end up it's just a renovating site but the road leading there is so nice! Somemore, it's located higher than the sea level so we can just view the KK town from there too.

I've waited for almost 20 years and finally I got the right guy.

♥ I love you, Piggie Hang 

but if you buy me a teddy bear I love you even more =目

Good night, y'all!
PS: Will not be updating that frequent anymore. Assignments killin'. 

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