Sunday, 2 September 2012

Retrieving Soon

*Excuse me. Ehmm ehmm.

Because I've stop working so I didn't update my blog that frequent already.

Ok... (Excuse!!!)......But, wait! Stop working means more time, why can't update blog?

Nola, because I was about to leave Penang in a few days time and I have to rush everything and do it within the time have. TT

Most probably won't be updating after I've retrieve back as a STUDENT! I will be staying busy as a pretty Second Year Engineering Student. XDDD

I have many tasks I wish I could complete before I'm going back. Fortunately, I did complete some of them.

Wash my shoes.
Make myself a cute laptop case.Tidy up both mine and Mun's room.
Read the two books borrowed from someone.
Dye my hair. Touch up my torn pants or any cloth thing by sewing them back. 

Another thing. For this time. =( Whenever people ask me, they will ask in a way that like I'm suppose to be in Sabah like that. They ask "When are you going back to Sabah?" instead of "When are you going to Sabah?" It's so fast since the day I was leaving Sabah back to Penang. Arghh.

Some pictures of my life to share here. =)

Friday- The day I started to stop working.

I was waken by mom suddenly cause my aunt them are praying for the Hungry Ghost Festival. I slept the day before at 4 something. Mom didn't tell earlier. TT  Because I was dying my hair and didn't get much sleep like I should after stop working.

(I didn't even bath until I get home around 4pm.) I stay there so long cause I even called pig up and ask him go to my aunt's house to meet me up. Lol. I also didn't tell him earlier. Haha.

Ok, was waken and so I brought my camera to make sure I take pictures of the 2 kids! So cute them!!

The big bro is growing up but still can't talk really clearly.

And the little sis!!! Aka the bak kia (meat girl), which was once Mun's thrown. LOL!
So tam ciak, always ask people for food when they are eating. >.<

Mischievous girl helping out!
 Also, the other day I was praying at my house for this festive too. I asked mom whether can I take photo and the next second I tripped myself. So, ok. I know. I geddit. 

Spot her chubby cheeks!!

She can do 2!

And 3, which I just taught her!

And 4 also!!!

Please don't do this dumb face. I could barely stand cause

Black lips! =P

OMG. Actually it's their mother that taught them to bite ice-cream! LOL!
I can't cause I have sensitive teeth.
Dishes for this festive and I miss most of them!!!


The day mom and daught waited for me and bring me around to prepare myself those things I need to bring back to Sabah. OMG. Bring BACK??!!! BACK!! Where do I belong??!!! TT

Ohya, bought Popteen which I didn't for a long time. I must read finish it before I go back!!! Also, some contact lenses, laundry bags, shower caps, hot glue gun, etc.....

I even bought a pair of red jeans and a cheap but awesomely nice cutting Applemints jeans!!! Love them. And and and!! Don't forget the floral princess blouse. OMG. I'm so lovin' it!!!

Sponge bob sqaure pants bubble-makeable lantern for me and angry bird walkable-on-floor lantern for him.
Both are to bring to Sabah to celebrate The Mooncake Festival!!
Both somemore got music one!!

YESH!! Mom bought me some stuff to pamper my hair cause my hair is seriously and severely hurt. Huhu.

Later on, I've started to work on to make myself a laptop bag!! Ohya, I bought some of the materials as you can see on top of the tupperware, the cute wood buttons and also some lace I didn't take picture in. forgetful.jpg 

Sunday, TODAY!!

I've finally done my laptop case!!! Will blog about it soon!!!!

Some trailer first~ LOL

Yesh!! I'm a pro!!!! LOLs!!!

And some photos I forgot to upload in the relating post. LOLs. And I think I should really upload it!!!


And also my shots on that day me and pig went to Straits Quay. Ok ahh. I think actually I take good pictures too!!! Confidents are back to me!!

Regarding the pictures above, do you think it's better to put the symbol of my blog like this or it's better to be at the corner? Give me some comments please. >.<


Mom is watching drama downstairs. Guess I have to off now to accompany her because the time left for me to spend with her is getting lesser and lesser day by day. ALL BECAUSE I'M GOING BACK TO SABAH. TT

omg. I want to cry again. I dun want to leave Penang lah.

Sorry for the faux pas but recently I'm quite bad mood just because of the same context. TT


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