Sunday, 9 September 2012

Starstruck-Da Mouth (大嘴巴) Fans Meeting

I'm having class on 8am tomorrow but I'm still here posting about the promo tour of Da Mouth just now.

Their banner in like a few colors.
I like it!
I manage to capture the stage so nice but not them.
Shitty camera. TT

I like their songs since their debut of the album of JieGuoLie (结果咧) and I like their other songs like WoJiuShiXiHuanNi (我就是喜欢你). 

I like 40 and Aisha the most. 40 is the style I like of which I realized he is the same kind like T.O.P. My type. LOL ^_^

Some pictures here taken with my camera. (Probably I will do a blog post for my laobeh but awesome camera!)

Opening by the DJ ZongHua.

Pretty AiSha is here!!
Spot her meitui.


Interviewing session.
The emcee is not bad but actually quite good!

DM is teaching dance move and when AiSha solo to teach them,
In fact, he just did what I wanted to!!
Cause like real super cute!

Fuck my camera cause actually HuaiQiu looked into my camera but I didn't manage to capture it.

Centre Atrium of 1 Borneo hypermall. (Which is just downstairs of my apartment.)


Why you went to the event?
First, because I'm kepo. Second, because I'm having the same birthDay with Aisha. I love her and the guys went all just comment Aisha is so hot and pretty.

How does the group go to KK?
They do like us, travel there by AirAsia. Spot the red cushion covered seat? I love hardworking artiste! They strive for their music!

There you go the pictures stolen from my friends facebook. LOL. Shoud I watermark? LOL again.

ZH was pulling his luggage  down.

Ooops. In Mandarin version.
Here's what it should be.
Da Mouth except AiSha in the airport.
Super got luck larh.
Never mind, I will have mine with Girls' Generation!!!

They say on this same date Yoga Lim is going to Gurney Plaza.

Super starstrucking after I starts to reside in Kota Kinabalu. Don't ask me to go over Penang island. HAHA.

Bye again. But I'm still waiting for the boyfiee to bring back the KFC supper. Fuck I'm fat. He's fat. We're both fat. We are feeding and making each other fat accidentally because of love. >.<

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