Friday, 21 September 2012

Sudden changes

Slept around 3.30 last night. Insomnia in sleepiness. Cause it was the time I'm scared of the most for the whole day. Due to my last experience. See here.

There must be an important reason for me to stay awake till late night despite past horrible experience. It's because a friend of mine is going to join election for the school level and the other one in university level. I help one of them to do his flyer and poster.

Today 8 in the morning is the penamaan calon which is the nomination of candidates. Sort of. I don't know. I don't join.

Unfortunately, both friends are so unlucky that they got disqualified due to some reasons. I am just so sad cause I know how much they want it so badly. The friend that I did the poster and flyer for him waited me so patiently till I finish without rushing me at all. I'm honoured too as in he really believes in me.

I feel sad for them meanwhile also for my first artwork not being able to be published. Not gonna publish here as well as I hope he will got the chance next year to do so and really utilised the flyer and poster which means my effort really pay off. Doesn't matter whether's it's late or not. It's the dream-come-true things that matters.

Both of them are just good guys that help people out. That's the reason I respect them and help them in return cause once I'm the one borrowing their helping hands. They guided and helped me so much for the last and first event I've ever participated.

I was waiting my class to cancel cause my lecturer usually does. It's not because he's lazy or what, it's because IT'S FRIDAY AFTERNOON & WE STILL HAVE TO DO MATHS. Differential equations somemore. Not able to end this post before I can hear the news that the class is cancelled or class starts.

Got grill for the house by the landlord this morning. Really satisfied with it. I feel safer now. Gonna get a lock later cause we really scared the previous house mate keep a copy of the key with them. We have issue with them before, I don't blame them for doing so. Maybe to self protect or what but it's still,  not a right thing to do.

For the double room.

For the main door.
of course la, cause we have only one entrance

Machine we use to unlock the primary entrance of the building for our visitors.

I'm happy with my change of background colour of my blog. Previously, I thought of making it other colour but not white cause there are so many blogs out there having white colour as background. Now, I changed it to white and I feel so ME.

Sometimes, being special isn't a good thing, but the best of all you be yourself.

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