Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tutorial: DSLRing A Photo Taken by A Digital Camera

First of all, I am not a pro. That is the reason I'm doing this post. This post is meant for those noob by a noob. Me.

Pity me. I have no money. I have no skill. That is why I don't deserve a DSLR yet. If I want, I wouldn't want a normal entry level camera. Instead, I want something pro. Of course, in condition I have to brush up my skills and when I feel I really deserve one only I will get myself one.

So, this post will be about :

How To Edit Your Photo to Look Like 
it is Taken by A DSLR 
by Using Photoshop CS3

1) Get a photo. The best is a landscape one. To learn, you have get to the basic first to observe the obvious one first. =)

2) Open it in Photoshop and notice your bottom right hand side corner, there is something like this. A blue colour highlighted and with a lock on this layer. Which means you have to unlock it first.

3) You double click on the block in blue.

4) It then pops up something like this. You click OK.

5) Then you will have something like this.

6) Then Right Click on that block, and you will have something this. This is to duplicate a same picture but just a layer on top of the original one. Click "Duplicate Layer".

7) Appear something like this and you click OK again.

8) Then you have a duplicated layer and an original one.

9) You then Click the triangular arrow.

10) You have this in return and you Choose "Soft Light" and click it.

11) You will have something like this. Means you are done!!! Click on the eye to turn the layer to be visible when the eye appears and vice versa.


If you tell me, what's the difference. Imma knock your head. Well, maybe I shouldn't, cause this proves that you're even noobER than me. LOL.

Kay, let's go to the serious matter.

# The original image which are like flattens pops up especially the cave part. I mean gone darker.
# The colour of the bridge becoming more solid.
# Colours of the plant turning more greenish and noticeable especially the ones nearer to the camera.

This is just the basic parts that are quite obvious. If you look into other parts as well, you may notice the details turned even better. =D

If you really want to check the difference, you can click on the eye button appearing at the bottom-right corner as mentioned before.

This post credits to Gabriel Jong, the Software Engineering freak that is so geng in Photoshop. He's the one that guide me from zero to now which I pick up the skills smoothly day by day. I acquire the knowledge really fast after Gab's explanation. He didn't even take a cent from me but of course I am not that mm seng mok. I say I will treat him a meal but till now still haven't yet. Zzzz.

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