Monday, 24 September 2012

Tutorial: How to Get rid of the Footer Color of Picture Window Template

This is a post to share about how I get rid of the dark ugly footer color of  Picture Window Template. In condition, your post background is white colour because by getting rid of it I just transform it into white colour which fits my blog theme. =)

This is the before.

And this is the after.

*Crack knuckles

Ahem. Let the pro me teach you how to do it starting here. XD

#1 Go to your navigation bar and click on "Design". This will direct you to the dashboard of your blog. (We, the old user we call it "dashboard". Not sure on what's the new name. Lalala~)

#2 The last click will bring you here or if it doesn't, you can click on "Template" and that will definitely work.
#3 Click on "Edit HTML".

#4 Then, click on the "Proceed" button.

#5 Then, there's a pop up window that looks like this. Press Ctrl+F OR click the Wrench Icon then click "Find" to search the keyword, "footer.background" in an easy way which is highlighted in orange as below. Do make sure there is no space between them. So, when you're here make sure that your finger doesn't mispressed anything to alter any of these codes and if you do you would want do die. Nolah not that serious yet. Lol. Then, one line after the first keyword search result, find for the next keyword, "black.50" which is highlighted in red as below and replace them with "white.50" for both of them.

#6 Then you will get something like this which is as highlighted as below. If you're done, click on preview to check whether your CSS Customization work or not. 
#7 If you're satisfied with the result, you can proceed on saving the template. 

AND YOU DID IT!!! *Big applause. Hahaha.

Things you might want to know:

  1. Do back up your CSS codes before any alterations but I normally don't la. Cause I lazy LOL. But you really should.
  2. I'm not a CSS pro or guru but just all these knowledge I just learn from the net and 7 years of trial and error on my own blog. The only programming class I've attended is during the first sem of my first year in UMS which is the introduction to basic C language only. Not even C++. T_T (If the introduction of HTML language in primary school do not count. )Screwed a few times but still manage to get things done. So, the above is just for reference and what I figured out myself. Of course, out there will have better alternatives but I'm just happy that finally I can fiind a solution for myself instead of Googling. ^_^ YAY YAY!

Off to tetris battle. LOL. Bye

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  1. Thank you Allison! this was just what I was looking for! :)