Monday, 17 September 2012

Tutorial:White Cream (Mushroom) Spaghetti

What if you are a cacat (handicapped) technically like me?
What if you know nothing about cooking?
What if you need to cook something for your boyfriend on a special day?

What if you don't even know how to use the stove?
What if your house don't even have a stove or an induction cooker some sort?

 What if what if what if you really need 
 to do some cooking? 

We will get this by this post ends. =)

OMG. You really have to thank me. LOL Or you should thank my university, that doesn't allow us to cook nor bring any rice cooker into the hostel OR ELSE we will be fined. LOL. You thought what? Local U? They got spot check somemore.

So, I invented a way of cooking by not cooking?? How does that sounds to you? LOL Anyway, the only skill you have to know is TO BOIL THE WATER. You know it right?

Let's start!

First, we have our ingredients prepared.

 Hotdogs/Sausages | Spaghetti | Cream of Mushroom(Powder to make mushroom 
 soup-3 sachets inside) | Mushrooms | Parmesan Cheese | Thyme Leaves 


(One whole packet will be enough for 6 person)
1) Boil water in a pot which the water is able to cover half of your height of your spaghetti when it stands in the pot.
*2) Add in 1 tablespoon of Olive oil and a pinch of salt.

1) Boil 900ml of water.
2) Add 5 sachets of cream of mushroom into it which the portion is enough for 5 person.
3) Continue boil and stir for 10 minutes with smaller fire.
4) Cut your mushrooms and hotdogs while you are waiting.
5) Put the mushrooms and hotdogs into the boiling cream of mushroom.
6) Wait until you notice the hotdogs floats onto the surface of the cream.

1) Put your spaghetti on a pretty plate like mine. =)
2) Add in your sauce without a drop onto the plate but just on the spaghetti. If this happens, rub it off with a kitchen towel.
3) Sprinkle some cheese and thyme leaves on it and...


Or if you feel it is too dull for the colour combination, you can add some decorations like a ROSE at the centre of the dish like I did for my egg. See here. =)

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