Tuesday, 18 September 2012

#UMS: First Week of Sophomore Year

Sorry for the delay.

And beware of those irrelevant things popping out of nowhere in this post. Well, C'est la vie. LOL

Supposingly, Friday I have a class from 3-5pm but then one hour before the class starts, my class rep posted a status on my course facebook page saying CLASS CANCELED due to lecturer got an urgent meeting!


Just when it was Friday.

Now, it's Tuesday, ends my 4 consecutive days of holiday and starts the routine again. TT

As you know, my school day started. My life isn't having much spare time left for a day of 24 hours. I need to concentrate on my studies. Or this is just what everyone said during the start of their semester? I just wish my result this semester will be way better.

My last sem CGPA dropped. New LOW record. I wish to retake one of the subject which I got D+. =( And, I met this killer lecturer the other day when I was at Giant buying groceries and once during last sem right after the final of this paper at Sinsuran San Nyuk Mee there. Urgh. I hate him or should I not...I'm fucked if my grades doesn't improve.

So the first week, it's a wonderful Monday but it's a bad hair day for me. Fortunately or unfortunately, I found a vintage like place in my campus of which we can take good pictures there. The lighting which is the sun is automatically so good and as like you no need to do shits on you white balance at all and all you get is the vintage thingy! Awesome!

My bad hair day.__.
My new school bag. Or university bag?
Bought from China so damn nice and cheap! 

Installed TM wifi 4 Mg in the house!!

Duplicate keys as we at the organiser of the house.

Chio random kid. Playing iPhone like a boss.

New hobby =)
I'm the daughter of chess competition champion.

Spot my endao boyfriend. =D

Handsome face while parking the car, reversing it.

And asked him to give me a chok (act cool) face. 

 In the mall

 Playing with the trolley.

Moon Cake Festival is around the corner.



Showing off the Doraemon Moon Cake thing he gonna eat~

He is so cute fml even cuter than me. Awwwww~

Serious in gaming

So seriously why the fuck everything about the BF???!!!
Please, I must control myself.

So, see my selcas!!

Camho when having mask~ 

Watermarked Don't watermarked also mine la ^_^

He hurt his hand because the clumsy pig hit the iron piece at the side of the convertible table in the class.

So, I sticked a Minnie Mouse plaster on him!!

Tried the newly launched Starbucks red bean thing with Green Tea frap.

Spent RM80+ because I was in a bad mood. 
But also because I'm out of stock liao la~

Gaming again. WTF

Had a new room mate and she tied my hair so nice.
She even taught me how to do it.
But I'm too not talented on doing hairdo, so FAIL!

 5 Strands Braid

Inspired by:

Dutch braid

I finally learned to differentiate Dutch braid and French braid.

 Dutch braid  is the one that have the side(left or right) strands to be braided on top of the middle strand. (Braids moving inwards)

 French braid  is the one that have the middle strand to be braided on top of the side strands. (Braids moving outwards)

Starburst Explosion Updo

Inspired by:

Today I met with an old Japanese couple while I was about to enter the lift and they greeted us Konichiwa, I was shocked by their politeness. I just bow back to them. Then I was about to leave the lift first, I FUCKING FORGET HOW BYEBYE IN JAPANESE SOUNDS. Then, I just smile and the old man greeted Sayanaro. OMG. Such politeness just brightens up my day. ^_^

So, Sayonara!

PS: I knew a news this week. It's regarding the entertainment industry. Walauweh. A love between a 12-year-old model Akama Miki and a 24-year-old China based singer, Mission Zhang Mu Yi.


What happened to kids nowadays? O.o

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