Saturday, 8 September 2012

UMS Life 1.0

Bonjour, Sabah!

Me with one of the house mate, taken by BF. =D
Spot our luggage. ^_^

School starts on the 10th and I'm back on the 5th. Yeah, it's a bit way too early.


Don't worry. We have our stuff to do. Or at least we will find some stuff to do.

Till now, since I came back to KK, for like about 6 days. I had 2 steamboat and and 2 GCB already and 1 steamboat just happened like a few hours ago.

After steamboat the guys had ping pong session and gaming session.

But wait, some background music? With guitalele. Heard of it?

Just posing for posting. LOL

The owner. Megan Lee

A broom as the net. 
 It's a game between.....

Team Muscle 


Team Neon

Why the ball is coming to me? Wrong direction!

Asked her to repose cause the previous photo taken (of course deleted) face so smelly.

Jhee is texting!! (Actually IDK how to spell his name. XD)

Our turn, the boys leave us behind to play computer game cause there is 2 controllers and 2 spectators.

Ugly pose. I'm a noob.

Obviously, I lose.

Megan and her boyfiee.

Where their haven is.

The girls chilling behind. =)
Then we sat together and talk for quite a long time. Nice time spent. Talking nonsense but still enjoying and chilling ourselves. I love my life being like that. So chill and so relax. Chillax!

Furthermore, the problem for my house has settled and I have high hope and I have positive thoughts on my future room mate. The rest of the house mates had arrived except for the two of them. I'm so eager to see them tomorrow morning or later. The better is evening la. I'm sleeping so late so gimme sleep more laa.

Conclusion, being student is so fun and so relax.

PS: My house still haven't have unifi or streamyx yet. I resized the pictures and the quality of them are not as good as those from other posts. *~*

PPS: As we were chilaxing, my parents were having fun as well back in Penang by joining an activity hosted by 988. So cute them!

Leftmost, my mom, my cousin then IDK who then my dad.
Haha. My dad's eyes.
Sleepy or wrong timing? XD

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