Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#UMS: University Election Day

It's 12 noon. I just went back from school after my class ends on 10am. But why so late only reach home? Cause it's the Election Day in my university!!!! 

Rushed there and there was like so many of the crowd. Where we have to check in first to vote.

So many...

You can't see yet?

Zoom in!

So freaking....

Many people!!!

One more thing, do you notice that the scenery in my school is really nice? Ignore those annoying banners hanging around to pull votes. 

Finally, I'm in the lecture hall. The whole lecture hall which is being utilised as a voting field is full with computers around and some sort of separator. This is the first photo taken inside cause I thought we are prohibited to do so but when I see people start taking out smart phones and taking pictures... Okla, me too la. LOL

Que to check out. There goes the queue in front of me.

Behind me.

Not forgetting the first one behind me. LOL

The seat where only the candidates and their helper can go with the big screen to monitor the whole hall.

Before checking out, got the coupon for free food. Duh~ Went to Kampung AB and the worker are so not friendly. Free one is like that. Haih. We have to hypnotize ourselves to blend in this sucky mindset. Pathetic. Anyway, got myself a loaf of bread and a can of Lipton Ice Tea.

Meanwhile, my dear friend got herself two paos and one ice cream. Look at this happy girl!

 Ok, back to the topic. After voting, we are about to take our Kad Diskaun Siswa and there is so freaking many people.

So....many...cause free stuff and offer sure attracts the crowd. It's my school, you spot the counter with red heart on top? It's SKTM, my school!

But wait...this is the only queue. LOL. That is why I love school distributing stuff AND ALSO IT IS DISTRIBUTING ACCORDING TO SCHOOL! I have no idea why every single time school giving stuff, my school's counter's queue always have the least people one. The same goes too when I took my RM200 books voucher last time.

Spot the boyfieee who came earlier than me so much and the having things done on the same time with me? Pity. Cause he's in different school with me.

 Cards waiting to be distributed. So many of them, the in-charge of the counter have to find one by one. So pity them.

Overall, the whole process took me around 1 hour. Ok la~

Met with some drama again due to cut queue incident. Please, I want to change my attitude of being not afraid of embarrassing myself in the public. In the sense I go and kira with the people who cut queue. Urgh. But today I didn't say much. Ok la, give myself a cop and later collect all then can go buy things for myself. LOL.

Cause the girl cut the queue and I raise my volume saying "Excuse Me" so loud and the girls scolded something like, "Oh, Engineering people. They are like that one." Then when the queue moved forward so I make my move too then they speak again, "Rush la, push la. Go!!!" Bitch please. And Yeah, I'm an engineer that kick ass. *Ignored them.

Although before that I accidentally cut their queue cause they are so far apart from the  main queue and I thought they are just jaywalking around so I just approach and go near the queue. How did I know they are queueing if they are facing opposite the queue somemore? Idiot. Sorry at first to them but not towards the end after their childish act to revenge.

The end my queue was way faster than theirs. Lol. I'm auntie I must change this bad habit on being petty on small stuff.

Oh Yay! Manage to blogged on time. #Good_and_responsible_blogger
(So down later I still have class on 2. T_T)

PS: Sorry for the blurry photo cause I can't take a camera out so obvious taking picture there. Later the guard there kick me out then how? Haha. Sorry once again. XD

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