Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Clean & Clear-Express Your Beauty Contest

It's been days I've been busy and I have to poise between all my roles in my life and also making some life-changing decision. Finally, I've finished 2 midterms today and there are none to go for this week!!! YAY!!! Will update more cause it's near to the holiday already!!! ♥♥♥


So, here it is! Some contest I join CAUSE IT'S JUST SO EASY!! No purchase required and just within few clicks only!!!

Spot the prize of RM1000 CASH for the grand prize winner!!

So here's how you can join the contest!

Like their facebook page to start!

Then 3 more steps to go!!

#1 Registration!

#2 Send your photo!

 #3 Share it with your friends!!
There goes my pic I submitted!! 
Love it max when we were as though having our pre-wedding shots. 

     ⇧Don't forget to hit the share button!!

Also, not forgetting to vote for each other!

But if you're not joining and IF you wish to vote for me, what you have to do is again, just Like their page ♥  Then click on the "Galeri" which means gallery also and find my picture then vote for me.                         

Yeah, the one with love shape is mine ♥

Q: Where to join?
A: Click here!!


**Updates: This contest ends on 26th of October means there's just one day left!!! Join now!! 

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