Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cried 5 times

Okay. This is just a short post. Yesterday, it's a holiday in Malaysia which is the Hari Raya Haji! Yay! I really like Malaysia in the sense we have so so so many holidays. ♥

Wait, there's a belated wishes poem for the Muslim friends from the status spreaded on my facebook. =)

Sebut raya kita hooray!
Lembu, kambing say no way!
Ayam, itik start run away!
AidilAdha now on the way!

So,  I went to Suria to survey for my Sony NEX F3 and I finally decided to buy to just not sure where only. Of course will definitely post a status about it after I bought it. I've asked the SEN-Q people to transfer the white one from other branch to their branch here in 1B. Aiks I can't wait err!!

Back to the topic, why I cried 5 times? It's because of...A MOVIE!!! Its name is The Fierce Wife Final Episode@《犀利人妻最终回:幸福男·不难》. If you haven't heard about it, then NOW I TELL YOU!!! But of course not all cause you really have to go and watch it yourself! It's really worth watching!

Here's the poster of the superb prettiness of Sonia Sui@隋棠 and also the two leading actors. WOW. Superb nice. Other than the plot, what you have to pay attention to is the guopo guopa (Spanish-means handsome and pretty) punya (Malay-means ones) actors and actresses.

BTW, I do not own the rights of the pictures. Just that I'm so so so obsessed with Sonia now. I made her picture my desktop wallpaper. Well, normally I have a black background as it ease me to look at myself which function as a mirror that reflects my image on the screen but now I want to be like her. I even tell BF I'm gonna go and have a haircut like hers. BF supports me! OHYAY! I will!

So, here's more of her pichas. So damn pretty! So you can make them as your wallpaper! Keep saying so so so because IT'S SO SO SONIA!!!

Okay, now some other pictures.

Her, during the promo conference of the movie!

I googled her profile and she's a graduate from Canadian university and was sent to Poland for her primary and secondary education. Wow! Somemore somemore, she is a model very obvious she is one and has leg length of 112cm cause she is 173 tall.

While the guy she end up with in the ending is 178 which is a 5cm difference. Well, ME AND MY MY ALSO 5CM TALL DIFFERENCE. What a conindidence. lollllll

If you say you haven't watch the drama series of it yet so you'll be watching the movie later, NO! You should go now! Watching in theatres will have the feel more but it doesn't if your BF keep asking you whether you want the your wedding like this or not, dress like this or not....and also look at you when you were crying like hellll. wtf. I facepalm his face N times to keep him away from watching me. Aiks. Watch your movie properly laaa.

Anyway, boys what. Don't like romance story movie. Prefer MIB, Avengers, Big Bang theory, How I met your mother... Anyway, doesn't mean he's not loving. lolllllll

Also, I went to Growball Cinema at Suria to watch the movie and it is so damn cheap! The ticket cost me RM5 only!!! Growball still have student price even at night and which also applicable on public holidays!!!

Got my snacks for RM4.50 only. Mwahahaha! Of Large cup of Ice Lemon Tea and also small portion of french fries and a hotdog! Worth what!


PS: I look at the date once I posted this post realizing WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 1 YEAR AND A MONTH!!!! ♥♥♥

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