Thursday, 11 October 2012

Eat Ate Eaten-Part II

If you missed the Part I.


Yeah. Way back in Penang and this is a post I've procrastinated. Am missing Penang badly right naoo. =( Supposingly today I'm going to have my dinner at Sushi King with the RM2 bonanza thingy. I've been craving Japanese food for a long time already especially sushi. I just miss the salmon sushi that I can have as much as I can in Tao, Auto City.


So far I've overcome my phobia on Sushi King. FYI, I only ever consume in Sushi King for thrice in my life. 3 different location/shops of Sushi King and every single time I just will have diarrhoea after eating stuff from Sushi King. Gurney, Sunway Carnival and Auto City if I'm not mistaken. Every single time without missed sure food poisoning. Am I paranoid or what that maybe just caused from other food. IDK.

Urgh. Anyhow, why am I stucked here? 
TO STUDY *whispered T_T

@some Chinese restaurant
near Chai Leng Park, Butterworth (Wah Hong Air-Conded Restaurant if I'm not mistaken) for my ex-colleague's farewell

The following part will be quite disgusting so skip it if you want to. You have been warned. LOL

If you insist, you may proceed. =)

Instead of having the luxurious meal I could have in Penang and the Bonanza thing, what I had today is economic rice take away priced RM3.60.

1 vege and I'm lucky that time to have some sotong there.

The worst thing happened. Rate of vege decrement not the same as rate of rice decrement. What should I do? :'(

Pity me or not? But I'm still hungry. I must figure out something. Hmmmph. So I did this.

What is that? It's salted-dried-small-prawns and sambal. Then the outcome is delicious sambal prawn. Yesh. I'm a genius.

So, with that I manage to finish my rice.

Tomorrow I have a quiz which is differential equation cause it was postponed (supposingly have it today). Now, I suffer more. =( guess I have to get back to the books. Also, have to finish my thermodynamics assignment. Have to hand in tomorrow.

Aiks, why I always put priority on blogging over my studies. Haih. Should off now. bye~


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