Sunday, 14 October 2012

Eat Ate Eaten-Part III

Again, back in Penang during my sem break which ended almost a month ago already. :x

@Winter Warmer, Juru Auto City
OK. Seriously, this is a common hang out or dating restaurant during my F5 & F6 years. The ambience is awesome. Well, who doesn't know Winter Warmer which is famous for the English style meals and also the cute cottage design.

Ohya, forget to mention what I am there for. I'm there to meet my old colleague for the job I had in Maybank for more than half a year. I've met so many awesome people and people who really taught me and take care of me. Most of them are female and my age even can be their daughter so I was quite lucky to be the one often protected by those senior aunties. ♥

Uhm, this person I'm meeting is Sam. Scolded me the most having not really well managed emotion but SHE REALLY IS KIND HEARTED PERSON. lol Don't hate me if you see this. *~*

Her flower tea kind thing which I often found it as if I'm drinking poison
cause it smell like fragrances and those essential oils. LOLs.

All time favourite, Green tea ice blended.
Be it in Starbucks or Secret Recipe.

Dumb us, just the two of us,
accidentally ordered 3 dinner sets. LOL


Hers (dine in)

Hers (take away)

@Stone Age Cafe, Bukit Mertajam

The picture will tell you the story. This will be a totally different type of cafe that normally Penang will have. Been wanted to try it long ago and finally have the chance to do so.

Why I'm there again? To do a farewell for me. Awww... From dearest Loceng, Serene and Kate♥

Well, that's the first time I side parking in 2012 also. ^_^ Cause I hardly find a parking also!

View from the outside.

From outside too.

Cashier Counter

Some wood structure inside the building. Whoa.

The ceiling which don't look like one.

Another ceiling shot.

My food which have no oil. Super fits me! I love unoily food!
Some side dishes as well cost me around or within RM20 if I'm not mistaken.

Haih omg still rushing assignments and tml is the start of week 6 of this sem means 4 midterms and 1 quiz this week + 3 assignments to go! wachaaa!!! *Bruce Lee kick

kthxbye~ ♥

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