Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Food in Kota Kinabalu

As title because I'm seldom out of this region, KK. I can't even say it's food in Sabah. Lol.

So, it's the holiday week. As usual, the homebody me stays at home while the BF went out to interview people from workshop for his assignment. So I've decided to make myself some healthy meal since I've gone shopping on lots of food from Seway yesterday. I am so desperate because yesterday I've tried some food which pass the QC of my taste bud so I'm greedy enough to want something good to eat today too!

But then, it turned out to be a disaster. Doesn't look good and doesn' taste good. Aiks!

Some stuff we bought yesterday like groceries, titbits, My Fashion Magazine, can food and etc etc. If you are wondering...YES! We planned not to go out for a few days. Not to even step to CFC, Apple or Giant at downstairs. It's because of the holiday mood and I feel so lazy.

Oh yes finally, RESTOCKED!!!! Don't have to starve during midnight just looking at those already-eat-till-sien dry food or instant noodles.

@ Exit of Seway, Likas

Anyway, we also accidentally spotted this!!It's Takoyaki!!! My favourite!!!! Every single time I go to Queensbay, THIS IS A MUST EAT!!! Seway which is located at Likas having Takoyaki sold there!!!! So damn happy! Although I'll be eating it in a short time during Bon Odori laa.

Spot the price? Freaking RM3.00 only!!! Somemore the jelly fish strips and the sauce is more than enough, unlike Queensbay one!!! There's also another Combo Set that comes with Iced Green Tea which cost RM4.20 which means it's the same price as the QB TKYK without Greem Tea! Although this is the smaller size one compared to QB one, but this have more fillings and it's more solid! Unlike Qb! Finally, I can kutuk Penang stuff in Sabah cause I always miss Penang so much that I think everything in Penang is so damn good, awesome, marvellous and amazing. Well, not all. =)

I feel like eating it again!

See? I told you right?

Apart from that, we also have some food we just bought couple of minutes before we enter the car cause we were so damn hungry already!!! When we were inside Seway, BF and me simultaneously spotted this and we throw it into the cart right away!!! Which they are the DanHua Cake which comes in 3 flavours but I personally thinks that they have not much different also. LOL!!!




Some zoom up to show you what it is actually. It's having the outer layer of Fried Egg and the inner layer is some sugar! The outer egg layer is so nice that it's so "fragile" aka crispy we can break it even with the touch of our tongue on it but you can't feel that at the first bite because the inner fillings strengthen the texture!

Crispy outside, thick texture inside! You have to have sensitive taste bud to sense this! ♥

@Lido Square

After shopping with the groceries, of  course we are not satisfied with some snacks. We need some real food! So, here we are! In Lido Square and spot what we had!

Char Koay Teow @ RM5.50-but of course Penang one are always the best cause they are the authentic ones somemore cheaper! Also, this one, the chilli provided is SO WRONG! They are those like you celup in your Satay. So weird!

Hokkien Mee @ RM5.50 (They called it Penang Prawn Noodle here)-Good but they should not put spring onion. So weird. Same problem, wrong Chilli. Cause to me, every food has it's own custom made chilli. Not any type of Chilli can suits every food! But I do like how the texture of the pork. Walao. omg That feel is so right!

Fried Oyster @ RM10-Total fail!!!!!!!!! The uncle just simply fried some egg and put some oyster on top of the egg and that is a oyster? You freaking kidding me!!! NO WAY! Please don't try! Not nice at all! We left a lot cause we could barely accept it cause it's not some fried egg, it has some gooey stuff which is so disgusting and we thought the oyster is not fresh too!

Some screenshots of Lido Square.

 So Penang!

The different thing is that they have these boxes on the floor so you can see the table are organized so well and spacious enough for people to walk by.

Take a turn and it's a different kind of thing here.

Some economic food stall which seems to have good respond.

I'm so miserable because I always crave for good food. Haiih. What to do? I'm a Penangite and Penangite pampered their taste buds since young and it's been a habit for me for 20+ years already. I need good food seriously!

Off to read my newly bought magazine. Bye~ ♥

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