Saturday, 20 October 2012


Finally, I finished the design of Rock Lone Star project. It's a project which under my course of doing business some sort like entrepreneurship thingy. We have to think of what to do as a business for 2 of the booth day. It's something accredited in my CGPA so I have to work hard. 

I'm in charge of the web and graphic design which means the whole website and all the posters are design by me. Hmmmph. It's some sort my interest so I don't mind doing all the design job. =D

Well, here's the design of the poster. I wanna make it some sort like Iron Man's poster design but I couldn't find any elements which I can put thunder, explosion or what. LOL. So I might as well go for more vintage and retro style. 

The whole poster I'm satisfies with it except the part starting for the line bottom of the Rock Lone Star wordings and also the icons and all. I really like how those wordings of the topmost. So got the feel of retro but classy! YAY!

Lastly, don't forget to visit our pages as well especially the blog because it took me almost 3 weeks to design all the things. Not to mention the packages are planned by me and Jou Min too. Also, we have to go downtown to survey the printing prices of the products because there's none around here in UMS area. =(

So, here's the link!

Ohya, of course I'm the blogger that write the blog posts there too and I got so much positive feedback!

But of course, comments are welcome! I'm just a beginner and I wish to improve.

kthxbai ♥

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