Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tutorial: Pasta with awesome Red Sauce

Viewing the past post, I'm so sad cause of the picture quality. My camera. Haih... I wanted to buy Sony NEX F3 already!!! Aikss!!!

Also, I failed on cooking the that morning just to try on the texture of the tofette. wtf. BIG FAILURE! I felt so disgusted eating my own cooking. So to balance up, the same night I cooked tofette as well but lesson learnt! ^_^

The secret is to cook with my room mate's recipe! LOL I called it red sauce because it's red in colour and normally is towards tomato favoured one. Normally I don't like it because I think it's so sour but this recipe is awesome!!! Even my house mate who is "allergic" to vegetable loves it alot!!

By this post ends, you will have this!! Picture taken by the BF!

Let's start with the ingredients!

 Fresh Mushroom | Red Chilli | Green Chilli | Parmesan Cheese | Pasta | Chicken Breast | Chicken Stock | Thyme leaves | Sweet Pepper |  Normal Pasta Sauce available in supermarket | Canned Mushroom | Sausages 

Spaghetti or any other Pasta: Click here

Pasta Sauce:

1) Prepare your ingredients! Cut them into how they should look! LOL

Then you have something like these...

2) Fry them! Do close the lid to heat them with the lap of every picture below.

+Green Chilli

+Chicken Slices


ALL IN!! Except the spaghetti, thyme leaves and the Parmesan chesse.

3) Heat for another while then you're done!!!

Combination part: Link to the same page as the spaghetti part above or you can click here.

Some of the outcome pics taken by my Casio. =)

With BF's DSLR.

Don't worry, accident happens to EVERYBODY!!!

Poor baby. LOL. He's the one made that accident because he was helping us to open the lid of the bottle and he didn't hold the lid properly making it flew from his hand and end up like this. LOL

BTW, about my cooking today. I improvised it with tofette of course because I did not buy any spaghetti. So this is my version of the same sauce (using Heinz's Hot & Spicy Pasta Sauce) but different pasta. With egg too~

The white plate is for illustration purpose and photo taking only. The other plate is just normal plate I'm using here at home.

Also, another house mate of my also cooked pasta today. This is his version. 

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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