Sunday, 28 October 2012

#UMS: Convocation Day

Last weekend but not the weekend that just passed, it's a big weekend for UMS. You see everybody's so hardworking. Schools being repainted at the main entrance and the traffic lines on the road. Every corner which is obvious being taken care. Cause it's  Convocation Day of UMS!

I'm a second year student now, so more or less I come across few senior that are graduating this year. Okay. Only 2. Which is Andrew (BF of Megan LYY) and also Rochelle Soo Kit Wan! LOL

They are on the different day because they are from difference faculty or we known as school here. Andrew's was on the Saturday afternoon while Soo's was on Sunday afternoon.

wtf I actually dressed inappropriately that day for Andew's session. Wore only short pants and slippers while everybody on long pants and sport shoes and even polo tee! fml I felt so badly uncomfortable. Some of the people there even wear like dresses somemore. I actually asked BF what to wear before hand but he say whatever so I take him as reference. Somemore tell me it's gonna rain so better wear slipper. wtf

Lesson learnt so I wore better outfit for Soo's session with longer sleeve and long pants and also my converse somemore but IT RAINED! Aiih... Why Soo is soo pretty even in sweaty mode while I'm so lam nua already? .______. Somemore rain.. T-T

Inevitably, gotta face the traffic. Spot the cars. Never once I saw this. Because before this, when convocation happens, BF have not yet send his car here so I was not able to witness the never ending grand parking queue.

People mountain people sea. What a suitable standard broken English proverb used to describe this scene. lollll Spot my boy~

Some pictures BF took.

Of course you cannot miss this!

Even higher to the sky!!!

So, throw!

And they hit heads!!!!!

And you busy picking up again and throw again and again. Lollll but I will do the same for my convocation day!
Over-exposed-light pic took by me with my Casio cam. A necessary buy did-not-fulfill-my-needs camera. Hate you but I can't live without you! Grrrr.

Flower bouquet for Soo♥

For Andrew and BF took a superb pic so he made it his profile pic. Y U NO PUT MY PICHA? lollll But this picture is really nice! Non cropped and non edited is even better!

Was really mad with the issue dress inappropriately. Did not do normal expression for him!

When will the day come for me....Hmmm....Ahhhh~~~

kbye, off to prepare to go out for mission to survey for my Sony NEX F3...YAY!!! Energetic!! ♥♥♥

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