Wednesday, 24 October 2012

UMS had traffic jam

Finally!!! A proper update for you!! Hahaha...Felt so relieved after finishing my Applied Mechanics assignment with the help of HangHang ♥ Means now I can blog with no worries! Ohya! I have to print the cover page for the assignment!

I couldn't believe this day is happening, the day when UMS has traffic jam = UMS convocation day. I was so surprised cause that time I just finish my class and when I walk out, WOW....  I see cars. So we were deciding on to stuck in this traffic and get back home OR go other place first to avoid the traffic then only head home.

Course mates. They are funny and nice people. Never could get any better ones.

Looks like Kah Ming (on the left) can be model. LOL. He has 4 sisters or more if not mistaken and his eye lashes are so damn long and curvy. He always blinks his eyes a lot when we (the girls) were complimenting his eye lashes. LOL

The roundabout was blocked and boyfriend asked me to walk to the bus stop. When I was in his car going in another direction, we felt so glad to not being stuck in this bad traffic. Phew!

You just see. The traffic was from UMS main entrance till old DKP and also towards to slope to Kampung AB. wtfff never ending one.

Now only I see the end.

Yeah, it was raining there goes the cars in the opposite direction of us. WOW!

We decided to go to somewhere else because the day before we thought we are going to take short cuts but the end the short cuts were full with jammss as well and we witnessed something, so many cars reversed!! Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to take out my camera to capture that 'grand' moment. LOL

So, where do we go? Hmmm...

Yeah! We went to ODEC which is the beach that is within my uni compound!

Let's start with Mr Rock there!

Ok! Starting naoo I will spam on the scenery photos of the sunset!! They ain't the same but if you insist they are the same. Ok lorr... =( LOL

Never ending scrolling...LOL

Ok! Enough of those scenery pictures but they are really nice!!
He actually posed for this picture but acting as though he isn't.

 Bite him!! hahaha~

 He acted...

because intending to bite me back. LOL

Sour expression or accidentally eaten a lemon!

Muah muah~

This one is really cute. =D

but he's acting cute going towards duck face again...Zzz. I stopped him.

Rubi RM6 slipper accompany walk a few miles already.

I want to stick with him forever!!! Arghh

Check out the dreamy clouds behind me! Lol I was after class so my hair was messy. In fact, most of the time in school also like that. It's that BF brought me there to chill and avoid the traffic but not purposely dressed like that.

Some graduates went there to take picture cause that sort of landmark of UMS also. Nice right? As though the bridge in "Love You You" movie.

Landscape picture of the day:

Our picture of the day♥:

I captured all these pictures with my Casio Digital Camera only and they turned out not bad although with severe noise for some of the pictures but anyway, this proven that the scenery there is amazing!! So romantic him, lol coincident or what.

But one more thing...he even tell me stuff about the wave thingy when were sunset seeing. OK! I KNOW YOU STUDYING PHYSICS!! wtf unromantic to the max now...LOL but still ♥ ♥ ♥ la..


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