Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#UMS: Studying Overseas

**Update:The title is just a pun. That ain't anything related to studying overseas for Malaysian. Sorry for the keyword that brought you here. =)

The other day saw my friends posting the pictures of the scenery where they are studying, often overseas. Well, I have the chance but somehow I have some drawbacks that make feel like to stay here and graduate here.

Oh well, even I'm not studying overseas I still have beautiful scenery pictures I can post. Here they are.

6 something when the sun in Sabah sets and sky darken,
random shots from the view of my apartment unit-with DSLR.

6 something when I was on my way back from Lab to home
-with digital camera. 

Yeah. Just with my Casio cheap camera I can capture the sky here. You can imagine how nice it is.
Spot the colour

The half moon.

Combination of both. ♥

Sometimes we just have to embrace what we have then life will be much more easier. =)

Having combo class 11 hours straight during Tuesday and tomorrow will be another combo day. Again, having quiz again tomorrow after the other one on Tuesday. Been so stressed these day but now I'm feeling so much better after blogging. Blogging helps. ♥

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