Sunday, 28 October 2012

World Walking Day 2012 @ Tamparuli, Sabah

Today is the first time I'm working in Sabah. I get paid one but I'm at blur mode now aka zombie mode but I don't want to use that. Too mainstream. 

All because I woke up 4 am in the morning which is suppose to be 3am, to work as a crew for this event. Only me will be late for the first day of work! T.T Slept for almost 2 hours only because the day before was sleeping at 2am. I'm so bloody sleepy now just like how dracula craving for blood and I need sleep as soon as possible BUT if I don't make this post, I bet I'm going forget ALL the details happened today.

With le cap.

I'm the confetti girl!!

 Selca mode is on when I'm idle. lolll

Very tired face. I need sleep! Even nowww!!

A failure which attempt to take myself, ending up taking Jessie with such pretty figure. 
WHY GOD? WHY????!!!! Hurt me once again. T_T

Success. Of course la cause Jessie took for me.

"Breakfast will be provided." Yeah! It's that much!

Close up!!

Porridge was too nice even it's FREE ONE!!! Fried onion and solid chicken slice. NO FAKE ONE!!

This is the game station where me and Jessie was in charged there. Screamed like hell to take care of the station. Didn't even have proper time to take picture cause all around us are kidsssssss.

Mickeyland meant for kids.

Spot my kiddy boy. ZZZZzzzzz. How old liao?

Spot him again. ^_^

The sun shines so brightly but Faith (my boss) spotted the rainbow! It's a really special one cause it's something like going round the sun. Hmmm.

After the even ends, we are responsible to take care of and keep all the stuff especially keep, wrap and fold the inflatable castle thingy.

None of us was heavy enough to force the air to come out from the inflatable except JACK.

Okay. Working doesn't mean we can't have fun. So, our boss let us to go to climb the Temparuli Bridge. At first I thought is this one. Scared die me cause on the way we were travelling to the destination, water was flowing with high current and almost reach the bridge already.

End up is this one. Phewww. But it's so shaky!!! Even shakier than the canopy walk one.

With Jessie and we were so damn tired which our eyes could barely open. Not to mention when it's UNDER THE HOT SUN! Somemore I'm in such disgusting sweaty mode. Hate it to the maxxx.

With le pig. Yes, he is there. Lalala

Potential Meme baby spotted!!!

Jes took for me saying like this more feel. True also BUT WAIT TILL YOU SEE HER PICS.

#omgiwanttocry T-T Still stay pretty even in sweaty mode. HOW COME???!!!

Okay, then we are heading back home (Faith's house) to tidy up the rest of the stuff and also to eat!!! That's the reason I'm so semangat(energetic) already! Spot the driver and HaKim were in bromance mode. So gay. Yucks. Sharing the headset listening to romantic music arrr?

Home cooked food. omg The one that cooks these is the same age as me. I'm so sad for myself. BTW, these are DELICIOUS!!

Boss somemore belanja (treat) us Salmon ahhh!!!

Okay~ You know which of the pictures above is the picture of the day. Well, now I present you the

Edited Picture of The Day!!!!

He believe he can fly~ Actually bf even ask me to put a superman's cape for him. Lol..

K, off to sleep naooo if not I'm dying! Bye~

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