Thursday, 22 November 2012

2012 UMS First Sem APK-First Session

Finally manage to finish doing all the editing job and watermarking. Not to forget, my bloddy APK report also. ARGHH. Bloody dead mode but if I continue to procrastinate on the blog post sure I delay and delay again!

Honestly, this post is with 200+ photos. So, IDK how those people with broadband gonna survive. HAHA.

So, me here, at APK!! I'm one of the seller also, selling service. Mehehe. If you follow my blog then you will know what service I sell.

This EXPO last for 4 days but there are 2 slots. Slot 1 for the first 2 days while slot 2 for the last 2 days. The pictures below is compilation of 2 days EXPO so maybe you might find same person wearing shirt which are different.

On the first day of the APK, I reached library at around 7am. Whoa. Honestly, for normal every weekday even if I have class, I still won't wake up at this time. Actually on that day I couldn't wake myself up too but not sure whether is it fortunate or unfortunate that the fire alarm of the condominium being triggered again so the house woke up around 6.15 in the morning.

My booth on the morning when I reach. The day before one of my member went to decorate it. 

The organiser is perparing for the open ceremony as well. 

 It's just 7 plus in the morning and the sun really shines hard in Sabah already.

 Decorating in process.

 Opening ceremony is about to start so almost all the leaders of slot 1 is here. 
Pity the leaders actually.

 Our booth.

Meanwhile, I have to get back to class. In the class then check I have money or not.

It's  EXPO day of APK, of course there are few people attending the class.
Meanwhile, this is what friends do, to ask their friends who is absent for the class regarding the list
that pass around the class to be fill in their name, be it family day or what.

 Hop in the EXPO after class again and the crowd is there.

Coursemates' stall-selling Tazmanian food

Money money come~ 

Elise's stall-selling drinks

Bong can her the 2nd day and she really so sweet with her smile. 
Some more that day when I was there, she say "I do for you!!"
even urges me more to bong can her. Hahaha.
I really can feel her sincerity one. ^_^ 

Yuan Yee's stall-selling fruit sushi

Her actual product but I think I took a lot of photos but it turn out so few and all irrelevant things nierr.

Check this out. her group member also my friend.

One second later. Girls are girls.

 Actual employee.

Doing their serious stuff. 

 While I go and kacau. Haha. I got contribute ok?
I give them idea to sell their things and earn maybe don't know how much.

 Me with my idea=their new product of the day!

 Aaron thing ate the fan tuan thing I made.

You don't know why I take this picture until I zoom in.

 Back to serious work again.

 I make it myself. Haha.

 Now so pretty right?


 The kimchi is sour one!!! Hahaha....

 Their new product, my artwork. 

Melissa's stall-selling spaghetti carbonara and drinks

Told you, girls. HAHA.

BF's stall-selling soy beancurd

Madeline's stall-selling spaghetti and fried crab stick

Random shots of other stalls


Meanwhile, My group and nearby happenings.

 Cannot already, must sit down and enjoy the food.

This is just housemate come promoting his food. Haha...

A cute uncle!

Just group mates' friends hanging around.

Formal wear + apron.

Eric drop by to support.

Zoom me

Zoom her

 Leader of organiser.

People pose automatically when comes to camera! 

 Spot me.

 Scold me.

 Lai, uncle help you palm reading~

The really made a cute couple~ Hahaha...

Check this out, I sew it one~

 Day 1 ends...

 The thing I had as dinner, too busy and forget to buy things to eat.

Food I manage to eat during the EXPO Day 1 & 2

Sushi Nasi Lemak

Melissa's Spaghetti Carbonara Combo, RM3.50 cause I pre-ordered.

Housemate's rice roll, RM2.50.

  Madeline's fried crabstick-RM2.00 for a packet.

Bread spaghetti-idk how much cause BF bought it

Tazmanian food

Egg perts-2 eggs for RM5


 Fried popiah

Ah Thye's Banana roll for RM1 each

Yuan Yee's sushi fruitee-RM3 each set that comes with 3 sushi

Pizza tart in process-RM1 each 

Neighbour's chicken meatball-forgot how much.

Spent a lot of money cause of APK....T.T....

Day 2 in the class

Duck2 gave me~ 

Bye now~

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