Saturday, 24 November 2012

2012 UMS First Sem APK-Second Session

Just a quick update on the second slot of the APK to upload those photos to friends on time to help them to do their report.

Anyway, just some random thoughts during this slot. Some friends didn't even show up for slot 1 and support us but when I went to their slot and they ask for support. I was like, WOAH...can you be face thicker more? I know you want to save money but I also need de lor.

Okay, stop the negative part here. Let's not get chilli pepper in mood by these selfish beings. Urrghh. :x

This slot I shot less photos because 2 days ago I skipped a few class so I have to retake those in other slots and all day long I was rushing because the following 3 days of the week I have to go to classes which I have them in 5 days. 

I have no selca that day cause rushing. Never mind, this photo of the cute boy tamciak will do.

 When he sees food.

 When he is about to eat them.

Ming Chian's stall

Taste really good, I mean the icing. ^_^

Ivy's stall


Spanish classmate's stall

Alex's Stall-selling Turkish kebab

lao ban niang

boss handles money~

Taste really nice but the skin leh really hard laa.

Kah Ming & Yuan Han's stall-selling Tarts

 Limited Edition Cream Tart as recommended by someone's girlfriend from the stall. Haha :x

After one bite! ^~^ Nice~

Tart guys ain't selling tart cause their Tarts all went out of stock! 

KYang's stall-selling mochi

 But left only Chocolate flavour which taste good too!

After one bite again! hehe

Housemate's (Kok Hoong) stall

Bijou & Hui Wen's stall-selling stuffed Eu Char Koay


Hui Wen

Old School Eric

Tzyy Ching's stall-selling Fruit Rojak


Her groupmate~

Her satisfying customer I guess. :x

Jack's stall-selling cream cake cone

Sin Yee's stall-bread sushi


Chin Ean & Wen Tzeng's stall - kebab

Random stall 1

Random stall 2
Selling Jelly Eggs for RM1 each.

 Which have fortune paper.

Of which someone could win another jelly egg and obviously I didn't get it. 

Got it! Eat it! Quite nice but preferably without raisins.

Random stall 3
 This guy at the stall sewing, wearing formal somemore. Hahaha.

Random stall 4-selling drinks with special flavoured ice cubes

Ours is Milo+milk

Random stall 5-selling Kenya food

Random shots 
Jun's inai - from Ivy's stall

 Thye eating

Wei Fang eating

 Lolll. Her face~

Beh tong dyy.. Have to find a place to sit down and eat. If not we'll buy more food and don't know whether we can finish it or not also.

Fried tang yuan 

Fried Oreo - from Peng Hui's stall

 Thailand Mango Rice

Sushi Bread 


Cream Cake Cone 


Eu Char Koay on his hand and mouth. Lolll

 Fruit Rojak

Forget what is this but this will be the ending picture. Hahaha.

Bye now~

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