Thursday, 29 November 2012

All well ends well, perhaps.

Finally, I have time to sit down and have this blog post out to tell those who love me and curious to know what had happened and.... there you go.

So, friends of mine on facebook definitely knew that drama. It is that incident which leads to me changing the privacy settings for my facebook account avoiding people have misunderstandings to me and just simply personal attack me on my facebook again cause I thought ALL friends of mine would definitely be reasonable persons. Unfortunately, that is so untrue. And another thing I wish to highlight.

Misunderstanding is never of any party's fault. 

Another thing, I'm not bringing this drama back. I just want to let people know how their nasty bombardment  could cause a thing to people. That is cyber bully. If you are not sure what is cyber bully and also think that this incident is not one, you should Google it out and find out more. Or you may see it here.

I even loled to myself that, this is the second incident of cyber bullying in my life. First, in form 3 and second just few days back. Yeah, WE apologized to each other so there's no who's right or wrong as I said before.

Till now, if you guys are thinking "what joke are you creating, you are just letting people to watch drama" and yes, that is my intention because I ain't those girls that you simply can mess up. If you thought of messing up with me, let's make it worse together. I'm not the person who are too free and got time to play with you, just that I TREAT YOU A PERSON and moreover IF you are in my friend list. If  I don't, I wouldn't have give a fish on that. No typo, I typed fish. F.I.S.H.

Sometimes, people just thought that posting nasty facebook comments and then delete it back would not cause any problems later. Holy shit! What's on your mind? And no, I am not scolding anyone because I've said before we came in peace and that was just my general expression only. For example, you poured hot water on others and you wipe off the hot water later and you think it wouldn't leave a scar on it? Just think about it.

Some might think I should endure it cause by the way it's just some facebook thingy. Okay. That facebook page have my name on it, I am controlling and accessing it. If it is not portraying me partially, what it does? You have your point of view and it's true in some way. I agree on that but I have my viewpoints too. So, go ahead and make your own judgement.

I will not talk about my side of story cause it's just a past already and pointless bringing it back. I just want people to be alert that, that is cyber bullying.

But, I categorized it as cyber bullying. Am I exaggerating? Check out this video then. You will know more about what is cyber bullying.

Sounds familiar? Lol Yeah, but there's a big difference because the incident just passed as we communicated to each other already. It is truly misunderstanding. We said sorry to each other.

Yes, the incident passed and also taught me a lesson that precaution must be taken. One sentence "you know la, i guailan one" and apologize takes it all. Just simply as that have no following responsible to bear with. I accept it but the rest of the incident I have consequences to bear with.

Well, that's the end of the story and if you wish to see more drama, there is none. We have come to peace and settled our misunderstandings but that doesn't mean I won't block him. Just because there's a past, I want to protect myself. It is self protecting if you understand what I say. No one would want rubbish being threw by others into their house.

Again, go ahead and make your own judgement. You might think I'm childish. Somehow, I admit I do. =D

If that happens again, I am not regretting what I have done and I will still do it again. I am standing for myself, confronting my arguments and I know my rights.

Again, I want to stress, it is the misunderstandings that cause this unhappy things to happen so I will try to forgive and forget. Just give me some time. =)

Just let bygones be bygones. I have life to move on.♥

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