Tuesday, 20 November 2012

European Union Film Festival in Kota Kinabalu

My Spanish teacher which happens to be a Spanish too wants us (the Spanish-taking-students) to tell everyone of our friend in UMS regarding this European Union Film Festival thingy. So blow your trumpet around and pass around this message. =D

Also, this is the first time KK having such event because according to Consuello (my Spanish teacher), she said that KK have no special event. Nothing. Foreigner also know. Btw, I think she resides here quite a long time already.

First of all, of course there are lots of  EUROPEAN movies to be aired in the partnership cinema (only in GSC Suria). European movies will include films from countries like Austria, Blegium, Bulgaria, Czech (pronounce as cheque) Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands,. Norway, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom which from what I know is not an European country.

Movies being aired in GSC Suria.


I'm not sure whether us, the students can get special price or not but RM5 I think it's quite affordable already la. It's movies from European countries which you never heard of somemore. Just have a thinking that you are trying something new lo. University life merr. Anyway, in any short time you won't have to keep money to go Kundasang, Sandakan or anywhere else mer.

I'm just passing the message also. So for more details just visit pages below:
Official webpage: Click here.
Facebook: Click here.

Kthxbai. Just done my APK. Tired to death. Friends having their APK selling session tomorrow GAMBATEH, chiong ah!!! BTW, for juniors I advice you guys to bong can your senior lo. For your own good, really one. Although mine is over but you still can place your order thru mail. (Last order, this Thursday, 22.Nov.2012)

Checkidaut!!!! My APK website. 

P.S: I'm helping Consuello to promote since she's so nice and being so dedicated to the students.
PPS: You scroll back to the movie screening timetable, find a movie with language French/Almost silent. I find it interesting. Lollllll.
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