Sunday, 11 November 2012

Happy 21st Birthday to BF!!!

Yes, if you're wondering. 
We are Scorpios.
Born just 2 days apart.

Unfortunately, I'm the elder one of which I couldn't call him Oppa and manja to him. lolll

So, you thought I was going to end here? Initially, I thought I was going to too but then last minute I decided to bring him to Dome Café which is just downstairs. It's his birthday so I don't want him to do the driving thing anymore on his big day!

It was not that perfect than I've expected, just continue reading the post then you will know.

On that day, of which the same day that I have my Applied Mechanic midterm. I thought I was not planning anything special for him. Towards the last minute, I've decided to celebrate for him at Dome Café. I booked a VIP room and awesomely that there is no charges for that but the devastating part is that 3 of them ppk BECAUSE THEY TELL ME THEY HAVE NO BUDGET. At first I was very angry, because if you don't want to come, please tell at the first place and don't wait until people have counted you in then you say you are not going then you make me in trouble cause I have made the reservation.

"ALISON, please understand me." or "Paiseh har.
Nonsense and bullshit. There are 3 of you. Yes, you have no obligation to must attend it but at least you please don't tell me after I made the reservation. But then, I cool down and think the other way round, ok, you're a student. I'M AN UNDERSTANDING PERSON, I FORGIVE. Am I? 

Once again, I'm amazed by myself on how I could handle my emotion. Honestly, I accept your apology because I know how the hard time is when no $$. Not only that, it's because it's my BF's big day, I don't want to get him into awkward position. Plus, it's my fault too cause it's the last minute invitation.

Okay, so the little party have not much people attending so I canceled the thing because I did think back, right also, student, so I don't make them involve in spending such "big" amount of money. It's quite big, to us.

 The Birthday Boy ♥~♥

Random selca mode on! :目 

The spontaneous that attended! Jedrek! Thank you so much!

Then it's all about the food now! 

 Jedrek's Wild Mushroom Soup | RM16

BF's Lot Burger-Beef | RM 27 

My Creamy Seafood Pasta | RM30 


My BF somemore ask me, why did western food they go and put ikan bilis but it is not!!! 


So, we called the waiters that leads to the supervisor than leads to the manager. wtf They intended to change another plate for us but I told them it's not much different since I ate the lot of the spaghetti already. The sad part is, it's me that gave BF the spoonful of spaghetti which is the only mouthful of spaghetti plus some zinc dish washer. 

What The Fuck. Ruined the whole thing. I was so sad but the boyfriend cheer me up again. Sigh. Why is this good guy let me met tiok? Lolss ^_^ BTW, my main concern is that the zinc piece might have cut his mouth and might lead to anything serious or swollen or what. Fuck you, Dome Café! I won't go again for sure!! Despite the waiters are so so so so so friendly! I rate 100/100 for the waiters and the people who attended us but for sure not including the manager because he wasn't even showing his face when such serious thing happen!

Walao! Zinc dish washer thingy in your food leh! You are the manager YOU still sit in the office? Anyway, I'm not bringing this to DC's Malaysia group cause I think I might make somemore got fired from his job. It's technical error, everybody sure has once one. Just I hope that there's nothing serious on BF cause he said he's somehow like being cut in his mouth. T.T

The awesome part is just I don't have to pay for the Creamy Seafood Pasta. 

He just continue eating his food. 
I just love how he is, not calculative being kind and nice to everybody. 
Hah~ Love him more and more day by day ♥

Now, let me present you the new era of 
way to put a candle on your birthday cake!!!
He requested, ok~ 

He's too hungry so he pick up the lighter and light the candle himself. 
lol so cute!

Cocktail Fruit Cake | RM35 (not from Dome Café of course!) 

His cute lips. Mehehe. 

GIF on how he blew his candles. 

The playful boy! 

 How he cut his cake.

Okay. Don't think that he's not zipping up his pants, 
it's just pants from Cotton On which is all buttons only.  

Jedrek's birthday is on December so we asked him to take the photo then on his birthday only upload and wish him.  

Then he laugh like this! I seldom see him laugh like this and this is nice! 

GIF of him! 

This is totally awesome! The cake taste like as though you are eating fruits but not cake.
2 days ago I just hate cheese cake cause it's my birthday. Lols. 

Dress & Slippers@Cotton On | Camera Bag

And his coursemate is so kind enough that to celebrate his birthday for him. 
Thank you guys so much for bringing him the fun,
but he complained the food at Sabah Korea Restaurant sucks.
Haih. I just thinking of trying out some food there leh. 

Some shot on that day:

 I ask him to take his pillow to be basked to kill the germs. So he took his chair and put it on top but then he have no chair to sit, so he's gonna sun bathing with the pillow. 

 Ahh. So cute~

The best invention of tiltable screen that make me capture this in nice angle~ 

His selca mode on! 

New hairstyle: Left 


His ootd.
 Nerd or rich people playing golf?

Poser in GIF! 

Some of my photoshop artworks. =D

This year, I didn't give him a good celebration. Well, at least last year I did with the gang of friends. I really thank them for their effort to give him that surprise. Lol. He didn't suspect last year but this year he did. #failGF T.T

Kthxbye~ EA quiz tomorrow. Down, why I can't enjoy my holiday la! 

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